Wednesday, June 13, 2012

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin #10

Meet Terminus, a dying old man who has got a grudge against Batman for some reason. He's summoned up a bunch of other randoms, who have been hurt by the Batman (including the three guys from #1, fused into one now) offering them weapons, and means to kill Batman. Why? Because he wants to see Batman die by his own hands, before he passes on himself.

Meanwhile, in Wayne Manor, Bruce is trying to have a portrait pained of him, Alfred, Dick, Tim and Damian... As you can imagine, there are quite a few off hand remarks, coming from the corners of the boy's mouths... mainly between Tim and Damian, which isn't surprising. It eventually gets to the point where Bruce asks the painter if they can take a break.

Behind close doors, Tim and Damian begin to argue, while Dick sits around, seemingly bored. Bruce eventually tells them both to shut up, so to speak, saying that all of them have shared the same Robin mantel, and have honored it in their own ways, even the absent Jason. While Tim and Damian leave, Dick stays behind to talk to Bruce a little. Bruce reveals that he wanted the portrait made, because he has one for every year, each of which he considers a souvenir of sorts.

Elsewhere, Terminus's flesh begins to fester, and decay away from his body. He enters a lab, telling his computer to activate "The Maiden." As he sits in an outline of a body, the maiden closes around him, stabbing him with hundreds of needles, in an effort to revitalize his body, and give him a little bit more time.

Sometime later, Dick and Jason are fighting on a roof, soon to be followed by Tim. Jason tells him that he's getting tired of his little summons, but Tim claims not to have called him this time. With the three former Robins confused, Damian appears, revealing that he called them all.

Damian reveals he has a plan, to challenge each and every one of them when they least expect it, and when he wins, he'll take a personal memento from each and every one of them, in order to prove that he is the best Robin, "To you. To him. To me."

Elsewhere in the cave, Bruce reveals to Alfred that he has not told either Dick or Tim about the event with Nobody, and that he promised Damian he'd keep it between the both of them, feeling as if there is no need to cause a rift between Damian and the others. Even Alfred isn't supposed to know, sometime Bruce tells him to not let on to knowing around Damian.

Later Tim enters the cave, as Damian waits for him, having predicted he'd do so, in an effort to tell Bruce about their "meeting." Damian reveals that he did a little snooping, and found some info on Tim's trip to "The Colony" where Artemis died at the hands of a potential Ravager named, First Point. Damian shows some footage of Tim beating the shit out of Fist Point, claiming that they are not so different after all, believing he see's the same look in Tim's eyes. Tim goes on the defense, saying they're nothing like each other, that he controlled himself, where as Damian cut the head off of the first bad guy he saw, stuffed a grenade in that head's mouth, and tried to kill him with it. Damian laughs off the past, something Tim doesn't take lightly.

As Damian gets up, he tells Tim he can't deny anything. Tim finally admits that the thought of killing Fist Point had crossed his mind, and asks Damian if that's what this was all about, admitting that fact. Damian tells him that's not the case, that it was about proving that he's no better than him. Damian wants Tim to finally accept what he is. Tim asks what that would be, as Damian says "A Wayne, and a Robin." Tim puts his motorcycle helmet back on, driving off with out a word.

Elsewhere, Terminus emerges from his machine, revitalized, and ready to go, as he looks upon a giant missile he's got stashed in parts unknown.


Fun, fun issue. I was hoping there'd be a lot of witty snark between all the Robins, and I wasn't let down, at all. There's just something so fun about seeing all these characters together... Sure, it's kind of a dickhole premise on Damian's part, but any excuse to get the four of them together is okay with me. The book suffered from the same thing Batgirl suffered from this week, you just don't get a whole lot from the villain. I got the feeling that all the book's arcs are supposed to end at 12, so if we're short on time, I'd rather learn something about Terminus, other than he's dying and can revitalize himself temporarily. If these arcs continue on after 12, then fine, whatever my mistake.



  1. Tomasi did a stellar job of plugging each series into this book to infuse the already great rapport. Jason's off cuff to Dick about Kori and Roy. Tim's time in The Colony. Nightwing...just being Nightwing. All of the Batman Inc throw and catch, about the million dollar bounty and Nez. I loved it.

    Now I have a timeline in my head of WHERE the Night of Owls takes place so Tim could have been in Gotham (for all of two panels). Makes sense now! And with a fun story here to boot.

  2. I like the Damien story a lot, but hated the art for Dick and Tim out of costume. Tim looked like he was 20+ and a lot bigger than he has ever been before. Really took away from the issue for me. That said still looking forward to Damien taking on Jason and Dick in the next two issues.

    1. Yeah, Gleason is an artist who I believe draws character better in costume than out.