Monday, June 25, 2012

SPOILERS: Ame-Comi Batgirl #2

Picking up where the last issue left off, Batgirl and Robin begin fighting off Catwoman and Harley Quinn. Everything seems to be going well, with the duo besting their two foes, but things go wrong when Babs forgets about Poison Ivy, who wakes up, blowing hallucinogenic power into Babs' face.

With Babs beginning to trip balls, she tells Carrie to run, to which she abides by, despite feeling really bad about it. But good thing Carrie planted a tracker on Harley during the fight, in true Bat fashion.

Back in parts unknown, Duela Dent, Catwoman, Ivy, Harley and Cheetah discuss the matter at hand, and their "silent partner" as well of her choice of tech heavy locations (It's probably Ame Comi Brainiac). They talk about Cheetah's encounter with Wonder Woman, and eventually go check on their prisoner, Batgirl.

With the girls starting to get catty with each other in terms of what they should do with Batgirl, Duela dismisses them so she and Batgirl can have a one on one. Duela doesn't exactly spell out what her plan is, but does reveal she intends to kill Batgirl by flooding her cell, with spikes that shoot out and lasers... not overkill at all.


So yeah, like I said last week, it's hard to actually put a number rating on these titles. The standards you'd usually hold a book up to are sort of out the window, and the stories are broken up to where you're essentially reading a third of an issue each time. That being said, the fun factor of the book remains there, just like the first issue. What stood out this issue was the banter between Catwoman, Harley and Ivy, which was pretty entertaining. I thought the issue was stronger in the art department, compared to last, as it show cased some pretty fluid looking movement, especially with the fight between Harley and Robin.

So, all that being said, another good, fun, short issue from Ame-Comi.

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