Wednesday, June 6, 2012

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #10

So, you're for sure having a bad day, when you're hired to transport some sensitive packages, and you're truck is hijacked by a bunch of dudes in Batman suits who shoot you up. Yeah bro, that sucks.

Elsewhere, Bruce is visiting Charlotte for the first time since her attack, as she reveals that she's gotten an opportunity to go to Paris for work. She tries to ask Bruce if he understands, but Bruce has begun to hear the sounds of the attack happening elsewhere, and becomes distracted. He's all "oh yeah, totally blah blah" but as soon as shit gets real bad, he's gone.

With Bullock and Gordon on the scene, the fake Bats eventually flee into the sewer, where real Bats finds them and attacks. Buuuuuut, things get difficult as they start going all kamikaze on him, blowing themselves up. With the final one going boom, he gets just enough of Bruce to daze him for a bit, while Mr. Toxic, who we met at Penguin's casino, picks up the case they stole, and leaves.

Later that night, Bruce meets with Gordon and Bullock who inform him that the stuff stolen was from a research facility called Dunhill Labs, who recently had a chemical accident, killing some people, looking as if they had melted.

In the cave, Bruce mentions to Alfred that the Dunhill Facily had a Hadron Collider, like the one in Sweden, which is essentially an atom smasher, which people believe you can time travel, create black holes, or some shit with. Dunhill apparently said (off panel) that the substance hijacked was a highly corrosive substance being shipped to STAR Labs for analysis. Thinking someone had to know that the shipment was happening, Bruce finds a small logo on one of the computer screens in the Dunhill crime scene files. HM industries, as in Hugh Marder, the man he hired in issue #2.

Bruce enters Marder's lab in the Wayne Tech labs, where he set up shop after the buy out. He finds some of the gooey substance in the lab, and finds heat signatures that lead him to believe that people have been there recently. He enters a room to find a fully operational Hadron Collider, with Hugh trapped in it, begging for help.

Before Bruce can do anything, Mr. Toxic zaps him with some shit, proclaiming one crusader dies the night, while another is born.


Meanwhile, in the Two Face back up, Harvey has been kidnapped by some buddhist cult or some shit? They try and "fix him" and eventually he starts drinking the punch and likes it, but then they're all "nah, can't help you anymore" and kick him out. Meanwhile apparently the DA who hired him to do lord knows what, I forget, is in on Two Face getting captured for some reason, with the Freakshow dude, and his wife is with him, for some reason if Two Face is alive there will be a gang war, and Two Face show sup.

Yeah... uuuh...


So, first things first... The biggest problem with this issue is I found it to be a bit nonsensical, the back up especially (well, entirely). In the main feature, I get that I'm going to have questions about the story because it's a new arc, but if it's done right, those are supposed to be good questions, as in "what's going to happen next?" "who could be behind it" so on, and so on. Here, I'm just asking "why?" Why are the bad guys dressed up like Batman? Why should I care about Charlotte and Hugh? That one especially, I do not give a shit about either of them for me to even pretend to have an interest in their deals. It's all just a little off putting, if I had to describe it.

The back up... that's just a mess. Makes little to no sense. I really wish there was a way I could just continue to buy this book at $2.99 with out the back up, I dislike it that much.

On the positive side, Ed Benes' art is pretty good. Not the best I've seen from him, but I think he's just made some stylistic changes to his work, it looks a bit "scratchy" if I had to put my finger on it. What really helps is Tomeu Morey's colors, which really keep the consistency between Tony Daniel's and Ed Benes' art intact.


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