Sunday, June 17, 2012

Romano Molenaar on Birds of Prey Full Time

Note: cover by Artgerm
I know, I know... "full time artist" and "Birds of Prey" have been just mere formalities for the past two years, but pending another ridiculous situation, it seems like the #0 issue solicited artist Romano Molenaar may be the new full time artist on Birds of Prey, statin on his Twitter account yesterday:
"DC has granded me Birds of Prey starting in September! How about that?...I feel privileged!"
"Starting" seems a whole lot more permanent than just doing a Zero issue. The only reason why this is really news, is that DC made no confirmation on what was and what wasn't permanent in regards to creative team changes in September, aside from a few cases. In terms of books covered here, I have a feeling Ed Benes may be sticking around on Batgirl, simply because he also did the cover too, which no other new artist did on any of the Zero issues, and his past working history with Gail Simone. Catwoman may be a bit iffy, given that Rafa Sandoval apparently has a few more issues on his Marvel exclusive contract to draw. I haven't found/heard anything about Dwayne Turner on Red Hood and the Outlaws either, so we may need to wait until October solicits to see what sticks.

So, if anything, hopefully Molenaar sticks around for awhile, for consistency's sake, because Birds of Prey needs it. You can check out his work at his website, and I think it looks pretty good.

EDIT: Completely slipped my mind, but Molenaar is also drawing August's Detective Comics Annual as well.

(Source: Romano Molenaar's Twitter)


  1. where's foreman going to after he's finished with BoP???

    1. From what he's said on Twitter, he may be working on creator owned stuff.