Friday, June 8, 2012

Outside of Gotham, June 8th, 2012

Well, if you missed the news, I won't be covering Earth 2 anymore, just because it really doesn't have any Bat/Gotham ties, but there's still Worlds' Finest.

So, in this month's Worlds' Finest, Power Girl and Huntress continue to deal with the Irradiated Man/Hakkou, whatever his name is. He proves to be a bit too strong for the ladies, as he tells them they're messing with matters outside of their own world, before managing to escape. We flash back to shortly after the two got trapped on main Earth, as they note some key differences, mainly in science, something that's been teased by James Robinson about Earth 2. We later see Power Girl in charge of Starr Industries, and a little scene where she goes diving for rare earth metals herself. Back in the present, the two ladies are tracking Irradiated Man, while elsewhere in Gotham, a banker notices some odd transactions in the Wayne Enterprises account. The duo catch up to their prey, but Power Girl, who seems to perhaps be a little rusty, goes in too headstrong, getting beat up pretty bad, leaving it up to Helena to deal with the nuclear foe.


This book seems to be getting some hate on the internet. Oddly enough, I'm not buying into it. I found this enjoyable, but I will note, I thought the first few issues of Huntress were enjoyable too, so only time will tell. It's got nice action, and some teases of the Earth 2/main Earth differences. The implications brought up by the Gotham banker really interest me, as for a possible future storyline Levitz has already teased.

The art is hit or miss for me. I can admire the amount of detail Perez puts into some of his panels, but some of his style here bothers me. I'm not that big of a fan of how he draws Power Girl, I think her hair just looks way too straight, uniform, and symmetrical. That's always been my deal with Perez, sometimes I just don't like the way he draws certain characters. Maguire, I can't really put my thumb on if I like it or not. Sometimes I'm giving it a thumbs up, sometimes I just find it a bit flat. I'm still trying to figure that one out.

Over all, I enjoyed it. Hopefully I'll continue to enjoy it.



  1. The only thing I didn't like is that the cliffhanger for this issue was really similar to the ending last issue and the beginning of the issue. There was some plot progression, but that made it feel like nothing really happened.

    The flashbacks were good, though, and I find the interaction between Helena and Karen entertaining enough to make up for the flaws.

  2. I'm in it for the flashbacks at the moment. That was enough to sustain me through the similar bookend plot.

    I'm really REALLY looking forward to Batman and Helena meeting. Also possibly Karen and Kara. Or possibly even more amusing, Bruce's "Sons" and the alternate universe Daughter.

  3. Yes I want to have the Cat/Bat daughter meet the Al Ghoul/Bat Son soooo much. I also want jason and dick interaction and flirtation.

    I really like huntress but the power girl bits are leaving me a bit cold and DAMN I hate the asymmetrical uniform. I like this series a lot more than Earth 2 but it seems the internet disagrees.