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Outside of Gotham, June 29th, 2012

You know what I just realized? Thanks to All-Star Western bridging the gap between August and September, the Court of Owls will never go away until whenever Talon may end. OWLS FOR EVERYONE! Anyways, we got that, dinosaurs, and the Justice League getting owned this week, hit the jump for it all!

Justice League #10:

This would be it, Graves' attack on the Justice League. Before that though, we see how he gained his powers. Traveling to some remote part of Asia, he finds fallen gods of the Hindu faith, who grant them their power, so he can embody their revenge, in an effort for David to get his family back. Meanwhile, in the present, Batman calls all the Justice Leaguers to the satellite, to discuss that many of their foes have been assaulted lately by someone named Graves, who now knows more about each one of them, and those they care about, than they do of each other. This poses a question between the members, how much do they trust each other? Cyborg reveals he knows a lot about each one of them, given his always on connection to anything technological, and Batman and Superman are the only ones who seem to work together outside of the league. Just then, the lights go off, as someone just transported into the Satellite with Steve Trevor's code. The thing is, Steve never used his code, and was given to him by Cyborg in case of anyone trying to force info out of him, so use of said code would set off a silent alarm, effectively sending a message to the League... too bad it doesn't work out well, as Graves soon shows up, commenting on how they must be out of touch, so far above the Earth. Wonder Woman is the first to attack, demanding to know what happened to Steve, but falls victim to Graves power, which feeds on loss, making it look like Diana literally got the life sucked out from her. The League soon follows with similar fates, as we're flash back too when David gained his powers, and the souls of his family were infused into his new body. With the League defeated, David says "The Justice League killed my family... and the world will know it."


So, I enjoyed this issue, but it felt like more of a bridge to what I expect will be the real big issues, #11 and #12. We're starting to get answers on Graves, but some need to be fully explained, the "why" of it all, mostly. With two issues left, and the way a portion of the book is split into flash backs, I hope there's enough time to get to it all. The art, well, it was a little inconsistent. This is what happens when you have three inkers, and four colorists, things don't mesh well... but you can't really blame those guys when the most likely reason of them being brought on is that the pages are coming in too late for Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair to finish up... Giving Lee only two months off was a pretty bad idea. Regardless, I really hope the next two issues deliver. 


All-Star Western #10:

Alan Wayne wasn't too happy with real-estate honcho (and probable member of the Religion of Crime) Lucius Benett and his personal vigilante security throwing a woman (Tallulah Black) out of his casino window, but Lucius gets down to business, making some borderline threats not to cross him and his connections. Meanwhile, Jonah Hex brings Tallulah back to Arkham's to be taken care of. The two discuss her going after a man who took her family's land, and Arkham suggests it was probably Bennett. The two are interrupted by Amadeus' mother crying out for him, which even takes Hex back a little, asking what's wrong with his mom. Arkham responds "You have your secrets, Jonah. Allow me to have mine" (YES). With that, Hex leaves, to find Alan Wayne, and have a little talk. Elsewhere, the Court of Owls meet, to discuss the followers of the Crime Bible moving in on their turf. Knowing that one Talon wouldn't be enough to fight the entire Religion of Crime, and come up with a plan that involves Hex and his associates serving their will, with out them even knowing it. Later, Tallulah wakes up, and makes Amadeus' life a living hell, until Hex comes back, and pacifies her by... well, banging... Later that night, Amadeus gets called into the GCPD building where they have apprehended a man who was raving mad on his roof, claiming he's being hunted. Curled up in a corner of the cell, the man tells Arkham that the owls are after him. Arkham tries to give the man a sedative, which leads him to believe Amadeus is one of "them" and attacks. The police officer grabs the man to restrain him, as Amadeus gives him the shot. Amadeus steps out of the cell to catch his breath, as the cop whispers to the man "I believe you about the owls. Where did you see them?"Arkham then hears a crash, and enters to find both men brutally killed, with no assailant anywhere to be seen. All he can find, are owl feathers.


I'm enjoying this arc a whole lot. Great writing, great dialogue, and great art. There's a good mix of suspense, and humor between the main characters and the supporting ones, and I've really started to become a fan of Jonah Hex in these past few issues, where before I was just reading it, enjoying it, but that's about it. The scenes with Tallulah were great, and Amadeus' reactions to her were hilarious. One thing I hope to see is the Court of Owls take a more active roll against the Religion of Crime, rather than just letting Hex and Tallulah steamroll them over, while the Owls don't do anything.

One thing I really want to highlight, as I mentioned in the Panels of the Week post, is the fact that they're really starting to reference the darkness of the Arkham family, that was established in A Serious House on Serious Earth. It is something I've waited for this title to address, and I'm so happy it finally did, just out of my love for the whole Batman universe.


Teen Titans #10:

So, let's be clear, this was pretty much a breather issue. More character focused than anything, nothing all too story related happened, with the exception of a few key points. The team wakes up on an island full of dinosaurs, after being transported there by... well, I don't know. Tim takes to the air to try and search for Superboy and Wonder Girl, who were separated from the rest of the team, but is soon stopped by Bunker, who confronts him about his attitude, post Culling, giving him a little pep talk. He finally seems to get through to Tim, until they're both interrupted by Superboy and Wonder Girl, who find them first. Later, both Tim and Bunker are washing off, and continue their talk. Tim is thinking of calling it quits in terms of the whole team thing, which Bunker protests greatly. Superboy interrupts, asking to speak with Tim alone for a second. Meanwhile, Kid Flash and Solstice are off somewhere getting all lovey-dovey. Superboy asks Tim why they went back for him. Tim's response to Superboy is a proposition, seeing how young his is, he tells Superboy if he can't figure out why they came for him in six months time, he'll explain it all. Meanwhile, Bunker is off floating on a raft made of his bricks, when a dino dive bombs him into the water, he emerges from the water, to find other brinks (that are some how floating?) and realizes that Danny the Street is there with them. The team gathers up all of Danny they can find, then find a message from him in a bottle. He's offering the team one last gift, to transport them back to where they belong. Tim realizes that Danny is too weak, it it may actually kill him, but Wonder Girl points out that he knew the risks, and if he wants to do it for the team, it's not Tim's decision. So with that, Danny transports the team back to New York, and dies? I think? Can he? I don't know. Elsewhere, in Washington DC, Amanda Waller initiates a plan to rein the Teen Titans in.


So, like I said, light on story this month, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. What this issue was, is fun. Lots of nice little character moments here and there, in a weird setting. Was the island ever explained? No. Was it ever explained how they got there? No. But whatever, it's a comic, let's enjoy it, shall we? I'm pretty convinced the whole island was just a vehicle for Brett Booth to draw dinosaurs (which he's a fan of) after parting ways on the GI Combat cover assignment. So, like I said, light on story, big on fun.


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  1. On Danny the Street's "final sacrifice"--near the end of the issue, we see the team leaving from a "Danny the Alley," so I don't think this is the last time we'll see him.