Wednesday, May 16, 2012

SPOILERS: Red Hood and the Outlaws #9

So, despite his feelings about Batman, Jason has decided to go try to protect Mr. Freeze from the Court of Owls... wonder where he is? Maybe Chinatown, since it's covered in ice. Good place to start. Jason goes in alone, so he can be alone with Gotham so to speak, while Roy and Kori save as many people trapped under the ice as they can.

Jason finds Freeze and a Talon at odds, and bursts in to break up the party. Freeze isn't all too receptive to Jason "saving him,"showing his thanks by freezing one of Jason's hands, all while the Talon who was with them escapes. Jason gives chase, telling Freeze to stay where he is, or he'll come back and finish the Talon's job.

Jason tackles the Talon into a parade dragon, because you know, those are always just sitting around in Chinatown. The Talon fights back, giving his evil guy speech about how many Talons have died in the line of duty, and tonight is the night they smite their enemies. The whole coming back from the dead thing grabs Jason's attention, and begins trying to speak with the Talon, who isn't too willing to talk at the moment, holding a blade over Jason, ready to plunge.

Roy manages to hit the Talon's hands with an arrow before he stabs Jason, which leads the Talon to flee again. Roy uses one of his arrows to unfreeze Jason's hands, while Kori goes to check on Mr. Freeze, met with a blast of ice, royally pissing her off.

Chasing down the Talon, Jason notices where he's going, and how he's moving. It's all connected to the circus. They even end up in an old abandon lot where the circus used to show up. The Talon stops as Jason points this out. They begin to talk, as the Talon says that he may have given his body to the Court of Owls, but not his soul. Jason levels with him, telling him he knows what it's like to come back from the "other side."

Back in Freeze's lab, it's fire vs ice, as he and Kori duke it out, while Kori condemns him for his actions in aiding the Court. Mr. Freeze tells her that everything he does is based out of love, and the Court came to him disguised as businessmen with the common goal of ending Batman. Basically, the Court paid off Mr. Freeze so they could use some of his tech to bring back their Talons. In a way, he was tricked, but at the same time, Kori doesn't really give a shit, thinking Freeze doesn't care where the money actually comes from. Then, with a hilariously timed monologue interrupting arrow, Roy zaps Freeze into unconsciousness.

Back in the empty lot, Jason and the Talon, who introduces himself as Xiao Loong, continue their heart to heart. Jason tells him he understands how scary starting over can be, but that's not what Xiao wants. He tells Jason he wants to end his "life" on his own terms, asking Jason to do him the ultimate favor, as Jason points one of his guns at Xiao's head.

Later that night, Batgirl is on top of the GCPD, where she's taken down the Owl symbol, tied up her Talon, and waits on Bruce. "Nice legs," Jason says, to a none too amused Barbara. Babs turns around to see Mr. Freeze at her feet, to her surprise. Jason tells her he can be a good guy every now and again, but Babs tells him that if she ever sees him in Gotham again, he'll be sitting in a cell next to Mr. Freeze. "Better Bats than you have tried, Barbie" Jason says as he leaves, telling Babs one more thing, saying he should tell Bruce that he's welcome.


Another fun issue form Red Hood and the Outlaws. Not much left to say... The book was just fun, like it always has been. Also, enjoyed the Batgirl cameo. Shared Gotham universe! Woo! One slight drawback was the Talon. Based on all the others, I've never known a Talon simply to run for no reason. I never really got why he was fleeing the scene. I mean.... I get it was to get him to the circus grounds, but the Talons are relentless killing machines, and we didn't really get a reason as to why this one stopped. Basically I feel we're just missing that variable between the "Ruthless killing machine" and "Sympathetic Jason analogue." It's not as big of a deal as I'm making it out to be, just voicing my thoughts. Still like the issue plenty though.


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