Saturday, May 5, 2012

SPOILERS: The New 52 FCBD Edition #1

Well, this is actually pretty important to the DC Universe as a whole, so SPECIAL COVERAGE!

As told by Pandora, centuries ago, when man first mastered magic, those who controlled it's powers thought of themselves as the protectors of the Earth, and would prosecute those who they believed to endanger it. Three humans lay before the seven gods (those who make up the power of SHAZAM) awaiting their judgment as they're dubbed the "Trinity of Sin."

The first to be judged is the man who will become the Phantom Stranger, as one of the gods throws silver coins at him, damning him to wander the world for an eternity, so he can witness what greed does to the world. Before he's sentenced, the man pleads forgiveness, saying "Forgive me has he would!" (This and the silver coins pretty much confirms that Phantom Stranger is Judas Iscariot) But judgement has been past.

The next, a man ever defiant, telling the gods to kill him now or he'll come back to destroy them. They sentence him to forget who he is, and to forever wander the earth looking for the answers to the questions he has, as the facial features melt off his face. (Vic Sage.)

The third, is Pandora, who is literally the Pandora who opened the box. She asks the gods why she's being punished, why they consider her evil, as she truly doesn't understand. But they condemn her for opening the box, unleashing all evil, punishing her to live an eternity of loneliness.

In the present, in the Red Room, where Amazon has been brought (after being defeated by the League) Cyborg's father looks over all the technology, complaining how his son isn't there to help, as he gets alerted to something called the monitor machine. The scientists begin seeing images of the Apokolips War of Earth-2, then the screen goes blank. Pandora appears, and figures that the item she's looking for isn't there, but she's close.

In ARGUS HQ, Etta Candy and Steve Trevor walk and talk. Etta gives Steve reports on the teens in Alaska (Ravagers) and all is being done to monitor Talia al Ghul's recruitment. Also, a book was delivered to him that morning, it's a copy of David Grave's Justice League book, with no fingerprints, no DNA. Steve thinks nothing of it, as he gets alerted to a break in in the Black Room, where the world's most dangerous mystical items are held.

Trevor calls for Doctor Mist, who is no where to be found, as he and some troops enter the room. They find Pandora holding a crate. She tells them that she needs the box for her salvation. Pandora escapes with the crate, as Steve orders a lock down of the facility, demanding he get in touch with Doctor Mist, John Constantine and Black Orchid.

Escaped with the crate, Pandora opens it to find, the box, Pandora's Box. It looks to be a gold skull, with three red eyes. She proclaims to know what she's dealing with this time, and needs to deal with it even if it comes at the cost of the Justice League.

Jump to the near future, Batman, with Pandora's box around his shoulder, is being chased down by a mystery Green Lantern who proclaims himself to be "the Green Lantern" (most likely, the "First Lantern" as teased by the Guardians in Green Lantern). Batman fights back, telling him "he's no Hal Jordan" before Mr. Mystery Lantern says "You lied to us. All of you did. This war is your fault."

Cut to Superman bashing his head in, while the League and various other heroes duke it out, it's that four page spread that has been plastered over the net.

Trinity War is coming.



  1. As a die hard fan of the Question (Vic Sage) I'm not sure about his new link to the mystical side of the DCU since he's always been a street level hero, but it is interesting and I'm glad he's back more than anything.

  2. Here's hoping for Vic to find himself, or at least the namesake use of The Question and Vic Sage. (Or simply just being able to talk unmuffled) :D

    I was so happy to see Vic alive!! Now I need more, so if Captain Marvel (or Shazam, semantics) can uncover the events which lead up to the Trinity of Sin then make it so! Geoff has a brand new and exciting mythology that has my interest peaked off the charts.

  3. Honestly, I can't stop reading this. It has SO many clues.
    The Black Room items all hint to bigger and better things too! Everything there is referencing something.