Wednesday, May 2, 2012

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #9

So, word is out that there are a bunch of deadly assassins coming for various targets, including Jeremiah Arkham. Instead of getting to a safe room, waiting for a GCPD escort, Arkham goes about his daily business, because he believes Arkham Asylum to be secure enough, because it's not as if villains have an easy time getting out or anything, let alone, getting in.

Making his rounds, Arkham receives word that Roman Sionis, aka Black Mask, is ready to end a hunger strike he was on. Arkham meets with him, where Roman says he wants to get better, but pleads with Arkham to be reunited with his "partner" which we learn, still went along with a "joy ride" with Jeremiah. But oh, what's that! Lights off?! TALONS!

Arkham attempts to make an escape from the three Talons on his tail, but things don't go too well, up until the point Batman shows up (note: his appearance is time stamped over a hour and a half after the final events of Batman #8) telling him to run to one of the asylum's secret passages.

While Batman has his hands full with two Talons, the other goes off, after Arkham, but is locked out at one of the asylum's heavy gates. Feeling as if he has to resort to drastic measures to save his own life, Arkham comes up with a plan that involves trusting an evil he "knows" to save himself from the evil he doesn't... with that, he gives Roman Sionis his mask back, under once condition, he helps save the asylum.

With Batman on the ropes, he notices the cells in Arkham opening, as Clayface appears behind him, beginning to attack the Talons. All the other inmates are let lose as well, all flocking towards the Talons, and not Batman, who seals off the room, in an effort to contain the chaos.

Batman soon finds Black Mask, up and using his mental controls (though the mask's powers, I guess?) to control the inmates into fighting the Talons, also trying to use it on Batman himself. But, the mask's powers only work on the weak minded, which we all know, Batman is not. K.O!

Locked in his safe room, Arkham is watching the chaos unfold, and believes that a Talon has broken through, surprised to see a pissed off Batman, and knocked out Talon. Batman knows what Arkham did, and knocks him out, so he can take him to a safe place.

On the ride out, Batman is contacted by Nightwing, who offers to take Arkham off his hands, as Batman goes out looking for the Birds of Prey.

Now, for the back up. Harvey Dent meets with the prosecutor who is trying to bring him down... but the guy says he folds, and wants to work with Dent, offering up his old position as DA if Dent helps him with something. Yeah, kinda dumb. I lost track, as I lost interest... dent has to find some guy named Freakshow, to off the prosecutor's mistress or something? Freakshow ends up killing all his guys, and then some ninja's take him somewhere? Fuck if I know.


So, like Batwing, this tie in was a really fun ride. Lots of old Batman villains, and I can't believe I didn't see the "well, let the rouges fight the Talons" thing coming, it is so obvious when you think about it. The only thing that put a damper on my enjoyment of this title was the back up. As soon as the guy offered Two Face his position as DA back, if he did some stuff, my brain just turned off. It's just, no, that would never happen. I know it's a comic, but still, no.



  1. What the hell? Jeremiah is no longer Black Mask, and Roman Sionis is back??

    Just glad Selina is no longer a killer in the NEw 52.

    1. THE NEW 52, where anything can happen.

    2. There was a sly reference about Arkham taking his Black Mask persona. It could be read as a pre-Flashpoint reference of him being Black Mask. Most likely about just taking Roman's Mason though.

  2. Well, I don't want to live in that district where (the post-Long Halloween) Harvey Dent could become a DA.
    But if the Riddler could find work as a PI who knows anymore?
    Well when I was reading back in october Batman #2 and learned that the Talon(s) are a real threat kinda hoped that this thing going to end up in a big-big brawl between them and the whole Rouge Gallery (so the storyline could end in a way as began).
    The thing that Daniel played out this card instead of Snyder made me little underwhelmed, but at this point I am happy that this is even happened.