Wednesday, May 16, 2012

SPOILERS: Catwoman #9

Meet Ephraim Newhouse, the Court of Owls' Talon from way back in Colonial Gotham. He's a bit duty and honor crazy, so instead of simply killing his latest target, he offered the poor soul a chance to fight back... though all that did was make him flee into the street, where Ephraim was spotted, forcing him to kill a large group of British soldiers, and losing one of the sacred owl daggers. WHOOPS. So with that, the Court of Owls decides to retire Ephraim, stripping him off his garb, in an attempt to shame him.

Back to the present, Catwoman and Spark are waiting to hit Penguin for that fifth dagger, while the Court of Owls hands out their target. A woken Ephraim is rambling on about being incomplete, as some of the Court members murmur to each other about certain notes that were left about him. They give him the task of killing the Penguin, which they tell him will restore his honor.

Real late in the night, around 2am, Selina and Spark believe they see the car that holds the penguin leave his office, so they go to the building's roof to scope out the place further, but little do they know, Penguin is still inside the building, and is attacked by Ephraim... okay you know what, Ephraim is a stupid name, so I'm just going to say Talon from now on to keep things simple, okay? Okay.

Before the Talon kills Penguin, he notices the fifth owl blade, and pauses at the sight of it, believing it is fate that brought him back to that place. Seeing what's going on inside, Spark suggests the job is blown and they should just back out. Selina zones out a bit, until she instinctively jumps into the fight, knowing what's going down below is far from a "fair fight"

Selina and Spark go at it with the Talon for a bit, until he eventually falls on one of his own daggers, that impales him through the neck. Thinking they just killed a guy, both Selina and Spark get a bit resourceful. While Spark goes for the knife they were looking for, Selina sees the Talon getting up, pulling the blade form his neck, and officially freaks out.

The Talon uses Selina's whip and begins to choke out Spark who has the fifth dagger, proclaiming that dagger is his redemption. Selina catches the Talon's attention and starts to reason with him. She tells him that she'll give him the complete set of daggers, all he has to do is let Spark go. Selina does this, because she sees something in the Talon, see's that he's simply an individual who has "been damaged by those who raised him."

The Talon begins to listen to Selina but before he lets Spark go, Penguin shoots him through the head, with out remorse. Gasping for his breath, Spark suggests they just get the dagger and leave, but Selina abandons the thought. Instead, she gathers the Talon's body, and leaves him on the roof of the GCPD with all five daggers, lighting the Bat signal before she leaves.


I really enjoyed this issue. I like how Judd Winick is giving us these Talon's back stories much like Kyle Higgins has given William Cobb his story in Nightwing. This time we get more about the Talon than we did in Batwing, so I enjoyed that. Winick has really been my favorite Owls tie in writer outside of Higgins on Nightwing, he's just made these stories action packed, concise, and blend in organically with the stories he was already telling. We'll have to see what he brings to the table when he goes in cold on Batman: The Dark Knight next week.

Also, Guillem March is back in full force. His work with the Talon here really reminded me of what he did on Azreal with The Crusader, who was just as crazy looking. March does two things really well, draws sexy women (albeit, not to some's liking) and draws crazy ass villains. As always, he's one of my favorites at DC now.



  1. What's wrong with Ephraim?

    1. It's really just a pain in the ass to keep typing, haha.

  2. I'm not following the crossover, but this issue was well-written enough that I wasn't lost or confused. It just felt less Catwoman-y than all the previous issues of this series. I'm not sure if it will make a big-enough impression on non-regular readers who picked it up for the crossover to continue reading next month.