Wednesday, May 16, 2012

SPOILERS: Birds of Prey #9

Gotham, the year 1842, there's a riot of sorts in the street, but due to one man, Henry Ballard, who has a distaste for "street vermin" the riot is ceased in blood shed... did I forget to mention that this dude's a Talon? Yeeeah... quite the killing machine, as we all know by this point.

Immediately in the shit, Ballard is attacking Black Canary and Katana. Blades, meta human sonic screams, nothing phases him. He doesn't speak, he just keeps coming.

Dinah begins to recollect the night, as she got a call from Batgirl informing her about the situation, only to find that it seems as if the Talon got to Poison Ivy first (thought Katana's husband states she is still alive somewhere.) But the two still have their hands full, as nothing they throw at the Talon does any lasting damage.

Black Canary sees the church where they fought in issue one, and retreats there for the tactical advantage. She begins to process everything, while the Talon slowly stalks the two. Katana senses Dinah has been holding back, to which Dinah responds saying her head hasn't been right since she brought up her husband.

Buuuuut, bigger things to be concerned about, like the killing machine stalking them. Enter Starling, who once again, rams her car through the church, hitting the Talon. Thinking the talon's dead, she goes to unmask him, despite Canary and Katana telling her not to, finding one ugly ass dude, who gets back up, choking Starling in an effort to get the others close to him so he can kill them all.

His plan works, and as the Talon is about to snap Katana's neck, Batgirl shows up, stringing up from the roof of the church with one of her lines. Babs tells the rest of the team that Batman has figured out a way to stop them, and they need to get to the cold.

The Birds head to the nearby train station, as one of the cargo cars should essentially be a meat freezer. They trap the Talon in the car, only for him to force himself out again. At this point, with the team struggling to contain the assassin, a haggard as shit Poison Ivy shows up, saying "We're not finished, you and I"

Ivy wraps Talon in a bunch of vines, telling the team she'll go down into the car to keep him down. Plants have survival mechanisms to help them stay alive in the cold, so the team will just need to thaw her out eventually, as they lock her in the car with the Talon.

Catching their breath, Ev breaks the silence by saying "Well... that was something wasn't it?" Katana asks where Ev had been for the past four days, to which she vaguely answers "meeting some old friends" and brings the conversation back to the frozen "vegetable" below them. Dinah brings up a promise she made to Ivy, saying that they're going to need to go to the Amazon jungle real soon.


Another great issue of Birds of Prey. It really throws you right into the middle of the shit, and keeps the pedal to the metal through out the whole issue. It does suffer from the fact that it's a one and done happening right in the middle of the story, so previous plot points are sort of left dangling, it feels a bit rushed, an characters just pop in out of no where, but I still enjoyed the hell out of it.

This was Travel Foreman's first issue, and while the style is vastly different than Jesus Saiz, it's still really awesome in it's own right. Saiz fit the book so perfectly, but I think I'm really going to like Foreman's art going forward.


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