Wednesday, May 16, 2012

SPOILERS: Batwoman #9

So, the Court of Owls is all, "Let's go get Batwoman" Wait, no, that didn't happen. Weird. Anyways, Falchion is super pissed off about Sune betraying him, so he goes on a rampage, but before he can do any real harm, Sune drops some black out bombs given to her by the DEO, that literally absorb all surrounding light. COOL!

One week ago: Bette begins to flatline, as nurses struggle to get Jacob out of the room.

Two weeks ago: Along with Killer Croc, Maro stands on a Gotham beach at night, re-summoning the Weeping Woman, proclaiming her duties are not yet done, and bounding her again to "Mother's" will.

Three nights ago: Maggie is on a grand boat, on a big social gala with Christopher Falchion, smoozing, and what not. She later see's Kate descending the stairs with Sune, and get's a bit suspicious. But before anything can really blow up, Bullock calls, apparently there's been another kidnapping. Before Maggie goes, her and Kate share a moment, and a kiss.

Four nights ago: Chase, Kate and Sune are debating on how to get into Falchion's under water fortress. Sune doesn't know, but she does have an idea as to where to find it, Falchion's yacht. Kate brings up the fact that there's a big social event that she got invited to. Chase says they're both going, and that Kate needs to bring Maggie for appearances. Kate protests, not wanting to give up her identity to Sune, but Chase tells her she has no such secret identity as long as she's working with the DEO

Three nights ago: Kate and Sune sneak into Falchion's bedroom, and can't find anything on his base within his computer, so Sune suggests they try something like the big ornate chest, since Falchion is more into magic and shit, rather than computers. The two pick the lock, and share a bit of a moment as Sune reveals she's taken a liking to Kate, wanting to work with her rather than the DEO or Falchion.

Back to the present, while still in the dark, Falchion attacks, slashing Sune across the gut. This pisses Kate off to the point where she jams a small explosive into one of Falchion's eye socket, blowing off half his face and putting him down (probably not out for the count, as we've got two more issues.) Kate goes to tend to Sune's wounds, who takes pleasure in the fact that Kate saved her, giving her a big ol' kiss. UH OH, dramaaaaaaa.


So, let's repeat, I really don't like the out of order story telling... still don't. But for whatever reason, I did enjoy this issue a bit more. Maybe it was Trevor McCarthy's art, who matches really well with the way JH Williams III does stuff with layouts and what not. Also, it seemed that McCarthy varied his style a bit from scene to scene, something Williams also does, for example between Kate's civilian and vigilante life, or drawing specific characters in specific styles in The Black Glove. I liked Amy Reeder's three issues, but I do feel that Trevor McCarthy is a better fit.

Something that came up to me while writing this was, what exactly is Medusa's end game here? Did I forget this, or did we not get it. I mean... take over Gotham, maybe? Is that it? I don't know...

Regardless, like I said, I did like this issue a bit more than the past three, so whatever, I'll bump up the score.


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