Wednesday, May 2, 2012

SPOILERS: Batwing #9

The Court of Owls, in the 1850s has a situation on their hand. Their Talons are supposed to be quite assassins, but the current Talon, Alexander Staunton is quite the loud, brash assassin, which many of the Courts' members wish to "retire" early, due to his methods.

Cut to: Lucius Fox, Matu Ba, and David talking coyly about Batwing, as if he wasn't in the room, and upgrading his armor. When the tech stuff is done, Fox invites Matu and David to a gala being held by Bamtan Incorporated. Despite not wanting to go, David is pushed by Matu into attending.

At the Gala, David is rather uncomfortable in his new surroundings, and that discomfort skyrockets when he meets an African ambassador who David believes is no better than a warlord. The party takes a turn for the worse when smoke begins to fill the room. David knows it is no cooking accident, as he can smell gasoline, but before he knows it, flames begin to consume the room, leaving him to go after his Batwing armor.

While David leaves, he sees many people cut up and killed, while Matu Ba receives Alfred's transmission from the Batcave. As security is trying to escort Fox off the premises, one of them is impaled, as Staunton makes his presence known.

Before Staunton can attack Fox, David shows up as Batwing, hitting him with many armor piercing tranq darts. But just as David learns of the Talons' regenerative properties from Matu, he witnesses it first hand, as Staunton gets up for more. David tries everything, including breaking one of his foes' arms, but nothing. The fight spills out into the street, where even a broken back doesn't stop Staunton.

Staunton throws David off him, then grabs the ambassador David was none too pleased with, holding him as a hostage for Fox to show himself. Being an honest man, Fox makes his way out from the crowd but before Staunton can harm him, David uses a last ditch effort, and fires explosives onto Staunton's arms, completely dismembering them.

The wounds are enough to keep Staunton down for an extended amount of time, where David ties him up, intending to bring him back to the armory to be frozen.


Man, this was a fun ride. Where this story is light on, well, actual story it makes up completely with just an action packed issue. When I swiped to the page to see Staunton's arms blown off, I literally yelled out "ho-oh, shit!" This was just straight up comic book fun, and one hell of an issue for new artist Marcus To to come aboard. I loved To's work on Red Robin and Huntress, and nothing changes here, he's got a great, clean, action packed style, and I love it.


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