Wednesday, May 23, 2012

SPOILERS: Batman Incorporated #1

The story begins one month into the future, where on a rainy night, Bruce Wayne stands in the Wayne graveyard, and tells Alfred "Tell the others it's over, Alfred. Batman. All of it. This madness is over." Alfred then asks Bruce "Isn't that exactly what they want?" but before Bruce can answer, Gordon, Bullock and the GCPD show up to place Bruce under arrest.

Back in time one month, Batman and Robin are on the trail of a man in a goat mask, chasing him through a meat packing plant, where many of the workers dawn goat masks, and attack the dynamic duo as well. Meanwhile, Talia al Ghul is hosing a Leviathan steak dinner, where she tells her guests to "eat as Leviathan eats."

Damian manages to tackle the man they were chasing, but all the sudden, the goat is shot and killed. Damian puts his hands in the air to make it clear he did nothing, but Bruce tackles him out of the way before a second shot can be fired. Turns out Goatboy, a drugged up two bit assassin trying to get in on the bounty on Robin's head, took a shot at him with a "rocket rifle" from half way across the city. Realizing his missed his shot, Goatboy makes a get away, trying to escape before Batman can find him.

Meanwhile, with Bruce and Damian covered in cows blood, tying up the bad guys, the manager comes in, panicking, the only thing he can do is helplessly try to get his slaughter house running again. Bruce stops him, pointing out the two horned star on hi, meaning that Leviathan had tainted the beef. Damian steps in front of the cow to be slaughtered, and proclaims himself a vegetarian from there on out, and the cow? BAT-COW!!!

Meanwhile, at the Leviathan dinner, Talia attempts to gain control over some of the mob member's territory, to which one guy says he and his brother never give into all the crazies in masks. Talia then tells him while the others ate steak, he ate his brother. The guy starts freaking out, as Talia's Man-Bat ninja's fly him away.

Bruce and Damian are on the trail of a truck marked with the same symbol the cow was, most likely more tainted beef, as they discuss recent (lethal) events ranging from Spook, Nobody to Otto Netz. Despite the argument, Damian does his job, and derails the truck. But before anything else can happen, the man from the Leviathan dinner is dropped from the sky, to his death, right in front of the Dynamic Duo, as Bruce figures Talia is trying to send him a message.

Meanwhile, in San Francisco, a hooded figure enters a S&M shop, heading to a changing room in back, where he's lowered into the Batcave West, along with Batwing, Looker, Halo, Freight Train, Gaucho and Wingman, who apparently has been put in charge by Batman.

Batman and Robin then find where the truck was headed, seeing a group of the Mutants Gang loading the beef to be shipped out. Goatboy again takes an opportunity to shoot Damian, while he attacks the gang. Batman interrupts him though.

We then see Goatboy and another man, backed by The Heretic/Fatherless, speaking with Talia. Both claim to have killed Robin. Talia deduces the other man is lying, as the Heretic snaps his neck within his fist. Goatboy pleas with them, saying he's not lying, offering his cellphone as proof.

First when Batman showed up, he shot him, but Batman's cowl prevented him from being killed. But with Bamtan dazed, it gave Goatboy enough time to line up a shot on Damian. Goatboy tells Talia that he's in "deep" with the Dark Knight, asking for help, as he shows her a picture of Batman clutching Damian's supposedly dead body.


Man, this is how you do a first issue, just crazy out there shit, with a big cliff hanger ending. The first page? WHAT? Bat-Cow? Fucking awesome. The last page? WHAT?! Grant Morrison's back, and he's bringing a crazy insane flavor, completely different than any other bat book, and very welcome.

Chris Burnham brought his A-game as well, the art was fantastic, had a vivd flow of movement, and is riddled with tiny little details everywhere.

This was truly a great issue, and I'm so glad to have this book back. I have nothing bad to say about it.



  1. Any series you want, I can pick up for you.

    1. Sure thing, but if you ever need any help, I'm here and good luck on your job.

  2. This is a great time to be a Batman fan! I'm double dipping with Snyder/Capullo's fantastic run and Morrison/Burnham's continuation of Grant's epic.

    Such a good time to love Batman.

  3. dude, sorry to be all up on the comments to this site, but i frequent it so much i felt like putting in my two cents.

    Goatboy: Fuck yeah, Grant even acknowledged Bill Hicks. more proof why i love his work.

    Bat-cow: Another fuck yeah. I hope he's kept around.

    Wingman: I have this feeling he is supposed to SEEM like Bruce in disguise, but Grant will pull a fast one on us all and he'll turn out to be one of those bots they worked with in "The Return". I could be totally wrong, but that's just what I think... could be totally wrong, i dunno.

    The art: Geezus, when did Burnham become Frank Quietly? The art was so awesome. I mean, that splash with the billboards was genius. Shear genius.

    I cannot wait til next month. Batman Inc. is back with a vengeance.

  4. Loved the goat-boy reference and also the Bat-Cow from Tiny Titans! Great 1st issue.

    Its a little awkward though, becuase the outsiders are still around like they were pre-new52 so thats gonna take some explaining.

  5. EPIC issue. Thank god for the return of Morrison/Burham. I agree with others that posted earlier, I loved Goatboy, Bat Cow, the billboards, Batman & Robin splash page, & dark tower(White Castle)...LOL

    Burham's facial expressions are money! Plus he draws my favorite Damian. Totally agree with Demitri, it's like he channels Frank Quietly.