Wednesday, May 9, 2012

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin #9

With the Owls attacking Gotham, Alfred contacts Damian, requesting he help one of the targets, an army general by the name of Benjamin Burrows.

At the army base, they are running through drills, when Burrows through night vision, sees that some of his men laid out on the ground. Damian shows up, informing him of what's going on, and sure enough, the Talon begins to stalk Burrows up on his perch.

Damian tries to fly the general out with his jetpack, while his men try to buy them some time. The soldiers don't last long against the Talon, as he then leaps into the air, causing Damian and the general to plummet into the forest. While Damian tries to rush the general to one of his squads, the Talon readjusts himself, and gathers a bow and arrow, at the cost of some local campers.

Damian and the general meet up with some of his men, as Damian uses his vast knowledge of war strategy to line up the men in preparation for a fight. Sure enough, the hulking Talon appears, and the men do their best to try and stop it, eventually causing Damian to lead a full on charge. The Talon throws all the men off him, as he slowly approaches Burrows.

Turns out, this Talon was summoned to kill a Revolutionary War colonial spy by the name of Edwin Wilkins, along with all his blood relatives, so the Court could eventually buy up a key piece of land, so they could develop it. The assassination of Wilkins went off with out a hitch, but one of his young sons managed to survive the attack, and was brought in by family friends, whose surname was Burrows. Being the last descendent of Edwin Wilkins, this assignment is a sort of grudge contract for this particular Talon.

PLOT TWIST! Grapple hook through the eye! But to Damian's shock, the Talon pulls some Exorcist shit, and turns his head around (well, I guess like an owl) to look Damian square in the eye. So, Damian pulls out his last resort, and manages to string the Talon up near a tree.

With the Talon briefly incapacitated, Damian somewhat sympathizes with him, as they're somewhat alike. When the Talon says that he will kill his target, Damian doesn't disagree, saying he believes him... along with a swipe of a sword to the neck, decapitating the assassin.


Pretty good issue. It seemed a bit quick, but with most of these stories being one shots, you can't really help that, can you? It was fun to see Damian bark out military orders, and he had a good line about reading military strategy books when he was six, so entertainment was not an issue here. Just reading it though, I didn't really feel the book as much as I did say Batwing, where, for whatever reason, I absolutely loved. I don't know. I liked it, just wasn't floored.


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  1. this was boring... it didn't stand to the high standard of the series