Wednesday, May 9, 2012

SPOILERS: Batman #9

Owls in the cave! Despite the war suit, Bruce struggles to fight off multiple assassins, while Alfred watches on in dread from the armory as he attempts to lower the cave's temperature. He manages to wreck a few, due to him being allowed to "play rough" but the number of Talons are just too great, as the begin to chip away at the armor, throwing Bruce down a level in the cave.

The Talons surround Bruce on the ground, near the foot of the T-Rex, taunting him before they kill him, one even suggesting he should have had a guard dog (which... he does, Titus... Batman and Robin... anyone?) Bruce struggles out a laugh, saying he does, as the T-Rex's foot crushes some of the Talons. Not all are caught under the T-Rex's foot, as the rest attempt to finish off the job.

As Bruce's vitals begin to fluctuate, Alfred tries to exit the armory to help, but Bruce overrides the lock, keeping him in. Before the owls can finally kill Bruce, the temperature drops below sub freezing, and due to the drop in temperature, a swarm of bats fly in, trying to leave the cave. In the confusion, and with the temperatures at negative 20, Bruce manages to take out the Talons, as he tells Alfred to pump them full of the coolant he used on Cobb.

Leaving the cave (running a Talon over in the process) Bruce enters Gotham in an attempt to do all he can to help save the targets, not many of which are left (either dead, or not being handled by someone) just Jeremiah Arkham (see Detective Comics #9) and Lincoln March.

After the Detective Comics #9 adventures, Bruce shows up to look for Lincoln. He enters Lincoln's office to gun fire, but not aimed at him, at a Talon. Lincoln has already been fatally stabbed, and seeing Batman, he informs him that he has information for Bruce Wayne. It's a list of three names. March apparently tried to follow some donations back, and figured three people could be in the Court. Lincoln tells Batman, to tell Bruce, that Gotham can be a good place, and that it is worth it, as he dies.

Bruce gets on the line with Alfred, telling them that he knows "where they live" and that "They came to my house, now I'm going to burn theirs to the ground."

(Main feature) END.

Meanwhile, years ago, a frightened Jarvis Pennyworth writes a letter to his son, Alfred, as he hurries to leave Wayne Manor. He informs Alfred that he believes the home to be cursed, and that he should never step foot in it, despite his duty to serve the Waynes. As Jarvis begins to leave the manor, a figure from within the home stalks him.

Jarvis recalls a memory of his time serving the Waynes, with a young Bruce. Martha laments to her husband about one of the corrupt Mayors, and how something really needs to be done about him. Thomas tells his wife that he'll give the Mayor a stern talking to about wrongfully closing the schools, but Martha believes it won't be enough.

Getting in his car, Jarvis' letter reads "I hesitate as I write this, because the temptation to blame all that followed on Martha Wayne is incredibly powerful." The gate to the manor is locked, as Jarvis' car crashes in to it. The letter continues "There is at the cold hard truth, my boy. It is I who... it is I who have doomed us all" as a Talon watches over Jarvis in the rain.


So, lets get this out of the way, great issue. But, it felt a tad bit disjointed, especially with the Detective #9 thing, but I see why that needed to be done. And I have to ask, wouldn't the Talon Lincoln shot just get right back up? Armor piercing bullet or not, he just got shot. And now that I think about it, there have been some inconsistencies on how the Talons have been dealt with (IE in Nightwing an escrima stick through the brain is enough to stop it, and rightfully so, as it can regenerate where the stick is, but in Batman and Robin, a similar projectile through the head doesn't do anything... hmm)

I digress though. Those were the two little things that bugged me, but anyways, it was another awesomely drawn issue by Capullo, so there's that... but what really shined in this issue was the back up. There's so much pure atmosphere and mystery brought up in those short ten pages, where I quite honestly am looking forward to that more than the main feature next issue, crazy. The line about Martha is rather cryptic, as I feel the need to point out that some believe the wheel chair woman in issue #6 to be Martha's mother... hmm hmm hmm. And on top of that, the art Rafael Albuquerque produced is on par with the best of his American Vampire. That shot of the Talon at the end was flawless.


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  1. This was a 5/5 for me, but man I continue to agree with you. The Talons die in strange ways. Varying ways. (But after reading 'Batman & Robin' I don't think the live ammunition they were using was armor piercing specific. It never is mentioned as such.)

    This issue took a second to kick into tension mode, unlike last month's which had the rising uneasiness throughout (Which I really enjoyed, by the end I was frantic for Night of Owls!) With Bruce getting his composure back at the end and Jarvis weaving a very intriguing tale the book sows seeds of the final confrontation which I can only speculate how fantastic it may be.
    I hope Greg, Scott, Jonathan, and FCO keep bringing the heat for a very long time. This is continually the best book in the DCU.