Wednesday, May 23, 2012

SPOILERS: All-Star Western #9

So with Jonah Hex and Amadeus Arkham apparently "falling for" the August 7's trick, the tides get turned when it's revealed that Hex had a plan to get Arkham arrested and lead them toward the band of racist terrorists, while Hex uses Nighthawk's amulet to break free of his ropes and stab his captor through the chest. Meanwhile, Nighthawk and Cinnamon take on the rest of the August 7 at the dock.

With the August 7 dealt with, Hex hands Nighthawk back his amulet, and asks for his favor in return, help finding Thurston Moody.

Well, on the other side of New Orleans, someone's already found Moody, a Talon, hunting him down, telling him "they" see him as a liability now. Moody tries to blame his problems on Hex and Arkham, but the Talon points out that it was he who hired them. As Hex and Arkham show up, the Talon slits Moody's throat, and makes her get awhile, Hex unable to hit her with any of his shots.

Hex instantly recognizes the Talon's moves as an acrobat's, and even mentions a wife he had who could move like that. Arkham begins to talk to himself, bringing up all the owls in Moody's house, then asks Hex to elaborate on his wife, which Hex answers with a punch to the face.

Three weeks later in Gotham, some men are speaking with Alan Wayne in his casino. These men (probably members of the Religion of Crime) are trying to get Alan Wayne to back down from building his garden (probably Robinson park) so they can develop the land, that's currently infested with poison ivy (GET IT!?) but as the men continue, a woman walks in.

It's Tallulah Black, (Hex's wife) who is none too please with the man trying to convince Wayne to back off, claiming he stole her family's land. Before she can shoot him, his hooded protector jumps down, throwing Black out a window, where she conveniently finds Hex, asking what she's got herself into now.


Well, this was sort of different than the usual Night of the Owls books, mainly because it's in the 1880s, but also because the Owls are not finished in this particular story, so there's that. What there was here though is another great issue with a lot of funny character moments, and great action. If I had to take away anything from it, it's the quickness that the August 7 is dealt with, then the brief Owls appearance. Would have liked more of both, but there just wasn't room. This perhaps would have been a good issue not to have a back up, but then you would have needed Moritat to do more pages... can't really win on that. Regardless, good issue.


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