Sunday, May 13, 2012

Site Update: Spoiler write up timing

Okay, so I was going to originally have this up on Friday, but then it got longer than it needed to be, I was tired, and stopped caring... whoops. Anyways, there are going to be some changes to Gotham Spoilers coming up shortly, mainly my timing on spoiler write ups.

Through the two+ years I've done this, I miraculously have never had either school or work on Wednesdays, but that's probably going to change soon. Got a promotion of sorts at my job, so instead of being an unpaid intern who works two days a week, I'm going to be a regular employee who works more than two days a week, probably wednesdays. Add a longish commute home from the city, and I'm probably not going to be able to get to spoiler write ups until late.

It sucks, I know, but I have my priorities, like making money, being that I don't make a ton off ad support here. This coming Wednesday (the 16th) will be normal, but training for my new duties at work starts the following two weeks, which I know will take place on those two Wednesdays. After that, I don't know my schedule for sure, but chances are good I'll be working on new comic day.

So yeah, long story short, spoiler updates are going to come later starting the week after next. I don't intend on stopping the blog anytime soon, so there's that.

That's all.


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