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Outside of Gotham, May 4th, 2012

Usually, there wouldn't really be an Outside of Gotham feature this month, but it's May! Which means the launch of the second wave of the New 52, as well as it being annual season... I guess?  I mean, well... there was a annual, I don't know if it can be a "season," but I digress. I was pleasantly surprised by some stuff, and some other events made me question whether or not a certain title even belongs in the Outside feature anymore, but nevertheless, hit the jump for all my thoughts.

Earth 2 #1

So, going in, I had a guess as to what was going to happen in this issue's big twist, and I was pretty spot on. What we get in this issue is basically a twisted mirror version of what happened in Justice League's first arc. Five years ago, Apokolips invades Earth, and it's going poorly. Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, along with Supergirl and Robin battle the Parademons, while the US army (with Al Pratt) attempt to nuke many of the Parademon's towers. In the battle, Wonder Woman is impaled by Steppenwolf, with a large amount of Parademons killing Superman. Batman on the other hand, is trying to upload a virus to one of the towers that would basically kill all of the parademons, but also triggers a self destruct mechanism, which Bruce knew would happen, killing him as well. The price of victory. With the trinity dead, Helena and Kara meet up in Metropolis, as they see a mysterious figure that is not Steppenwolf in a large boom tube. They try to follow the figure in, and *poof* they're gone. Five years later, we're introduced to Alan Scott's civilian persona, as well as Jay Garrick's, who seems to be getting a Hal Jordan like new origin with Mercury (the god).

I thought this issue was fantastic. Definietly a big "Ha ha, you thought you knew what this book was going to be, FUCK YOU! No you don't!" with the death of the Trinity. They may have changed the name of the book from Justice Society, but it's clear that they're headed towards that direction... which begs the question, why should I continue to cover it? Good question indeed.... I mean, it is good, but no bat in it... whatever, I'll keep up on it. It's just a really fun book because of it's different nature from the regular DCU. I believe some of the teases (mainly, the figure Helena and Kara saw) will tie into what was going on with Darkseid and Superman in Justice League #6, when Superman said he saw other earths, and maybe some Trinity War stuff. Who knows. Also, let's just get this out there, again, Nicola Scott's art was fantastic, combined with Trevor Scott's inks and Alex Sinclair's colors, this was one great looking book.


Worlds' Finest #1

Look, Power Girl's boobs!
So, picking up where Huntress (and Earth 2) left off, Helena and Kara are in Tokyo, relaxing. Before they head off, they go looking at a new R&R department Kara acquired, to find it up in flames. Kara sheds a few tears, as what was destroyed was the machine that she "borrowed" from Mr. Terrific that could send them back to their Earth. We soon find out that the perp who blew up the lab is a big robot looking dude known as the Irradiated Man. 

Also in the issue, we find out what happen immediately after Helena and Kara landed on the regular Earth. Helena was more adaptable, and ended up tapping into some Wayne Enterprises funds, while Kara seemed to continue longing for her home, before she started up as this new secretive mogul. Meanwhile, Helena adapted the Huntress roll, trying to make her a new urban legend of sorts.

Overall, I was very pleased with this issue. The super hero action element worked a lot better for me than the vibe that Huntress had going. I liked the art, although I found it to be a bit inconsistent at times. The inking on Perez's stuff when from heavy looking to light looking page to page, meanwhile, sometimes Maguire made the girls look like Barbie dolls in some panels. Better than I thought it was going to be, looking forward to the next issues.


Teen Titans Annual #1

So begineth "The Culling" a four part cross over between Teen Titans, Superboy, and Legion Lost. N.O.W.H.E.R.E. has captured the Titans and Legion members, pitting them against each other (along with the characters who will eventually star in The Ravagers) until they finally calm down and begin to work together. But that all goes to hell when Harvest gives them more metahuman teens to fight, then ultimately send his advance guard and previous Culling Survivors to attack all the characters. 

It was a big, big action packed annual, where along with the super hero fun, we got some hints as to some secrets being held within the books. Something is going on with  Skitter, Kid Flash's future origins, and how the Legion got to the 21st century, all the answers were teased, and have some potential interesting outcomes. On the art side, I've got to say Brett Booth's work has grown on me, there are still some things about his stuff that irks me now and then, but I find it generally enjoyable. I've also found that I tend to like his raw pencils more, as I look at his postings on his blog. It becomes apparent when there are multiple inkers, which are all pretty noticeable. I could probably pick out Rapmund's inks, just cus he's the normal one, but the other three or four didn't quite deliver as well, in my honest opinion. Still, liked pretty much everything, good read.


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