Friday, May 11, 2012

Outside of Gotham, May 11th, 2012

Suicide Squad and cross over tie-ins galore, this week. Hit the jump for all the info you need to know... yes you need to.

Suicide Squad #9

The first of a brief Resurrection Man cross over, has the Squad, just having shot Mitch Shelly dead, trying to transport him back to Amanda Waller. But, as per usual, Waller doesn't tell them everything, and Shelly comes back from the dead, wrecking havoc, taking out Squad members left and right, demanding to know where Kim Rebecki (the woman who gave him up, but fell for him) is. Eventually the only two Squad members left standing are Deadshot and Light, meanwhile the half digested Yo-Yo manages to crawl out of King Shark's stomach, and hurry away (as pictured above) gross. So, after throwing Light into one of Shelly's new power blasts, Deadshot is faced with a cliff and a waterfall, diving off, entering the water correctly so he doesn't die, meanwhile, Shelly, having no idea what he's doing, hits the water like a rock and does die, again. Trying to think of something to keep Shelly dead, Deadshot picks up a chainsaw, as one of the Body Doubles watches on, calling her contact, Agent Hooker.

Another enjoyable issue, in the following Resurrection Man issue, Mitch comes back, durh, gets to the Squad HQ and Kim Rebecki does some bargaining, she's allowed to go with Shelly, but in return, Waller gets to put a nano bomb in her neck, if she needs her again. Waller also cut off one of Shelly's hands, and is keeping that for... something? Seeing as I don't usually read Resurrection Man, I wasn't that all into this story, I mean, like I said, entertaining at least. This was also Fernando Dagnino's first issue on art, and a new artist is something I've been clamoring for on this title... buuuuut it was kind of ruined for me by Matt Yackey's colors. I just didn't think they fit, just too bright and colorful. Perhaps it was due to Mitch's f'ing rainbow powers or something, but I hope it doesn't remain a trend.


"The Culling" tie-ins

I'm going to do this quick, and not necessarily review it... but basically in Superboy #9, the teams fight some ravagers, Superboy and Dawnstar square off against Warblade. Eventually they all win until Harvest shows up. Going into Legion Lost #9, Harvest pretty much wrecks all the kids. Teases galore as to where he actually came from, and why the Legion members are in the 21st century. Seems like Harvest may be from the 31st century as well, as he does have a time bubble within his compound. Also, Bart Allen apparently did some pretty bad things in the 31st century, according to Timber Wolf (I think that was in Superboy actually). The issue ends with Wildfire trying to sacrifice himself to destroy Harvest, to no avail. RIP Wildfire, I think?

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