Sunday, May 27, 2012

Give me a Bat-Cow one shot!

Okay, if you follow me on twitter, you know by now that my favorite part of Batman Incorporated #1 was the "As of now, I'm a vegetarian, and this is Bat-Cow!"scene. Friggen hilarious, and truly in line with that campy quasi Adam West quirkiness that Morrison is going for. But why stop there? Why not continue the craziness, why not make a full on Bat-Cow issue? 

Now, I'm not talking about a Bat-Cow who swings around rooftops, I want Bat-Cow as we've seen him, just as a cow. Not doing anything spectacular, just sitting around, being a cow, doing cow stuff. Yeah, it sounds odd as hell, but stick with me here, as I've come up wit ha few reasons as to why this could be amazing.

1. Morrison and Burnham would be perfect for it

This is an obvious point... Morrison is no stranger to writing a book whose cast is entirely animals (We3) and if you were to get him to write a one and done story featuring Bat-Cow just being a cow, I guarantee you he could make it into his patented form of crazy, out there, meta weirdness. It could probably be done in a few different ways... Personally, I'd love an issue of it just being focused around the cow, but you could easily do a story where the cow just being a cow is the focus, but you could have the real story with presumably Batman and Robin happen in the background. My favorite show Community did this during the second season, where Abed, who wasn't featured in the entire episode, delivered a baby in the background, that was even tied to an event from the first season. I guarantee you some weird meta shit like that would be right up Grant Morrison's alley. Having an issue where the point of focus was the cow, but you have potentially big plot points just happening in the background would be so absurdly crazy, but I'd love it. It would also be a perfect issue for artist Chris Burnham, who already plants his backgrounds with easter eggs and hidden details, take for instance the lobby of Wayne Enterprises in Batman Incorporated vol. 1 #6: 

Do some of those details, look reminiscent of a particular Bat location? Because they should. Again, this type of shit would be right up the Batman Incorporated team's alley.

2. DC has done this before

Remember the Green Lantern: Larfleeze Christmas Special? That was awesome. Literally the Orange Lantern who represents greed trying to track down and find Santa. Was it meant to be taken seriously? No, not really, was it still a really fun one shot? Yep. Hell, Geoff Johns even wrote it, when he could have easily passed it on to some random writer. So why not Bat-Cow?

3. It would sell

The Larfleeze Christmas Special sold only a couple hundred issues under 40k in December 2010. You put Grant Morrison's name on a crazy, out there, one shot, and I guarantee you could sell at least that. Hell, I'd put it at least 50k, which is nothing to scoff at for a one-shot starring a plain old cow...

4. There's motivation



  1. Oddly, might say It wouldn't be the strangest thing ever happened with the Bat publishing line.

    I would buy that too.