Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cover thoughts for August 2012

August has a bunch of good covers, time for my thoughts on them.

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Batman Incorporated #4

I really love this cover, so much mystery. Not only do we not know who Wingman is (Jason, no. Superman, no. Jean Paul Valley... eeeeeh maybe) but now we have this little Redwing kid. The Batman and Robin analogue is very obvious, but still... looks cool.

Batman #12

This is quite the "hmm" of a cover. Don't know what's going on here, but it looks cool. This cover was a bit surprising, as it doesn't really tell us anything (that's obvious) about the story in #12... Power symbol?

Detective Comics #12

This is a pretty cool cover, I mentioned that when we first saw it a few weeks back. It's a revamp of an obscure villain known as Professor Radium, who last was seen in Battle for Bl├╝dhaven, I believe? Anyways, I think my favorite part of this is the skeleton effect on the side of Batman. Good job on the colorist, Tomeu Morey's part. 

Detective Comics Annual #1

It's good, just nothing too mind blowing. It's just a bit splash page looking, not really cover... if that makes sense? I would have preferred Black Mask actually be part of the cover.

Batman: The Dark Knight #12

David Finch draws a damn good Scarecrow. Just creepy and dirty looking. This is a great improvement from the generic Batman piece from last month's solicitation for the title. 

Batman and Robin #12

I like this cover. Don't know much about this Terminus guy, but he looks pretty cool. Is it bad that all I can think of due to the pointing is that episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force with the dog Handbanana? "Tonight... you"

Batwoman #12

JH Williams fucking III. Good. Night.

Batwing #12

Good ensemble shot on Marcus To's part. I still think he's drawing Batwing's armor a little too bulky on the covers, but it looked good in the interiors? Who knows. I really like To's Nightwing here.

Batgirl #12

This was the surprise cover of the month. I think we all knew this would happen at some point, but I honestly didn't think it would be any time soon. Anyways, pretty damn good cover on Artgerm's part. Thumbs up.

Birds of Prey #12

Is it me, or does Ivy look a bit cross eyed here or something? It's distracting me from enjoying this cover more than I do now.

Catwoman #12

I really love this cover. March dos a great job of mocking up that 1920's dress style, while also keeping it pretty creepy looking. I also love how he put his signature into the image (the girl on the right's tattoo.)

Nightwing #12

Oh hey, it's that un inked style that I don't really like. But, I will admit, I do like this cover. The new villain who I assume is Paragon, looks pretty cool. Apparently this issue has Robin in it... I DEMAND HIM ON THE COVER! Booooooo.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #12

This wins. It just does. Cover of the month. Rocafort perfectly recreated that scifi movie poster feel. Damsel clutching on to the hero, Random weird face in the background. Someone powerful doing shit further in the background. Random space junk everywhere. Awesome. I want this as a poster. 


  1. So, I don't know too much about what else is solicited about Batman Inc., but i legit think that wingman and red bird ARE Baatman and Robin, operating in disguise because Talia's after Damian. Just a thought

    1. I thought Redbird would be Damian too, just to throw off Talia, but based on Batman Inc 6 (first volume) Wingman is definitely someone secret, who knows Batman is Bruce.

  2. The Redbird kid, I have no clue, except that he's apparently named after Tim Drake's old car/Batmobile-counterpart.

    Wingman, though... it's gotta be JPV. I mean, look at how crazy he looks! Look at exaggerated muscles! The clenched teeth, the clawed hands! Maybe he's having one of his seizure/hallucination things as a result of the System.

    Seriously though, I love JPV, and I would just have a ball if it actually is him there. But if it's not, then it's just some guy who we've never met before, and it will be a total flick in the face to the fans.