Monday, May 21, 2012

Birds of Prey will get a new artist... probably

Last night I tweeted that I predicted that two Bat books would get new artists by the time the rumored #0, or standard #13 issues rolled around. I came up with these theories by reading into comments made by artists on Twitter and such, but didn't share them, as I didn't want to start false rumors. Well, I can probably share one now. Birds of Prey.

Late last week I noticed a tweet from Travel Foreman who mentioned only being signed on for around three or so issues, a point he reiterated over at the CBR forums today...
"I would like to note that I am/was only slated for 3 issues. It may end up being an issue or two more, depending on decisions out of my hands, but I'm not the permanent artist."
Yep. Unfortunate, but if you read Foreman's Twitter account, he's stated multiple times he really wants Jesus Saiz back on the book. And the saga of Birds of Prey never being able to lock down an artist continues.

(Source: CBR Forums)


  1. That sucks. Jesus Saiz was probably better suited to the book, so if he comes back it'll be alright, but Foreman is doing a great job. I really don't want them to start playing artist roulette again.

  2. I kinda hope Batgirl gets a new artist. I don't mind Ardian Syaf but i feel she needs someone that can fit any mood. Someone like Amy Reeder.

    1. I agree. Amy Reeder would be great.

    2. Yeah my problem with Syaf is that everything seems so doom and gloom which i don't agree that Batgirl always needs. We already have Batwoman for that.

    3. I wonder if its Syaf's inking and colorist thats the problem, I feel it makes the art very murky