Wednesday, April 18, 2012

SPOILERS: Red Hood and the Outlaws #8

Shortly after Jason Todd came back to life and left the All Caste, he had a plan to kill the Joker, and put the beat down on Batman... but he needed money. Plan: Go to China, interrupt a Chinese Mafia Family funeral, and demand a 10% cut, or else. Shed some blood, to show you mean business, and there you go. While Jason is telling this story, Roy Harper bursts out in laughter at the completely ridiculous nature of the plan, praising Jason for how headstrong he was.

Jason continues to tell the story, saying after he killed one family, another came to power, then another, then another. This is where they get to Suzie Su, as her family came to power just as he got what he needed from his business adventure/got bored. He ended up killing all of Suzie's family except her and her father, as a "maybe they'll change" sort of deal, but nope. Suzie swore revenge on the Red Hood, and is now holding the children's wing of Gotham hospital hostage, demanding the Red Hood, or the kids get killed.

When they get to the hospital, with the ship they're in's sensors, they see a shit ton of armed guards. So, the plan goes as followed: Roy walks in, distracts them, while Starfire flies to the window, and zaps the would be child murderers into oblivion. Said plan goes off with out a hitch, as Roy is so impressed, he tells Kori to remind him to ask her out on a proper date after they're done.

Meanwhile, Jason rides the elevator to the floor Suzie Su would be on but doesn't see any sight of her... but he does hear a scream from above getting closer and closer, as the 600+ lbs Suzie crashes down in on top of him, snapping the elevator's cable, leaving them to hurdle down into the ground, where Jason will surely get crushed.

Enter Kori, who grabs the cable, holding them up (I didn't know she had super strength?) Knowing the gig is up, Suzie tries to make a break for it, but Jason trips her, and at gun point gives her one more chance to end the feud. Suzie declines, saying she'll never stop until he's dead... or until she gets a bullet to the forehead, which Jason delivers with out a second thought.

With the trio leaving, despite Roy's claims to want to see a tour of the Batcave, their ship picks up a broadcast. It's Alfred Pennyworth, warning all of Batman's allies that the Court of Owls have begun to attack key figures within Gotham. Red Robin notices that they've got an eavesdropper, and starts to address Jason directly, pleading for help. Kori asks if Jason knows him, as he tells her he does.

Flashback, to a couple of months ago. Jason enters Tim's suite in Lextowers, saying "Dad would be proud" following it up with info on Cassie Sandsmark (Wonder Girl) at the request of info from Tim on some Miami smugglers (see issue #6) which Tim hands over as well. Jason, with the info he needs in hand, decides to leave, but Tim offers him a chance to sit down for breakfast. Jason protests a bit, but Tim eventually convinces his former "brother" to sit down.

Back to the present, Jason takes a moment to think, and decides to stay, as there's one figure of interest that hasn't been covered by the Bat family yet, and that person is Mr. Freeze.


I love this book, I really do. Like Catwoman today, this book is just fun and surprisingly, heartfelt at times. The interaction between all these characters have grown into something that I've just begun to look forward to each month. All three of them play off of each other so well, you can't help but smile at some of the scenes in this book. The Tim flashback? Fucking loved it. That's the way I think Jason and Tim should interact. Jason has no real reason to be hostile towards Tim, I mean, he's not the older brother you could never live up to, sort of thing he has with Dick. It goes right up there in the "awww" bank, with the Batman scene from issue #3... a totally manly "awww" by the way.

Oh yeah, Kenneth Rocafort and Blond are still drawing the hell out of this book like the bosses they are.



  1. Loved this issue. The character interaction is wonderful. While people are already griping that the scene with Jason and Tim was out of character I don't see it that way. Even in their first meeting where they fought Jason ended up respecting him. Tim is the one who let Jason out of prison. Besides it looks like there's more of a story there that's yet to be told.

    The only problem I had with the issue was the art glitch. The scene is supposed to take place before he meets Kori. That's when she gave him the suit. Yet he's meeting Tim with it on? Still a must have book for me.

  2. Alfred's pancakes. Hahaha that heart to heart rocked.