Wednesday, April 4, 2012

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #8

Catwoman's on the run, and from her point of view, it's Poison Ivy, but in reality, she's been dosed with the Scarecrow's fear toxin, and it's really Batman trying to snap her out of the drug's effects. He manages to catch up with her, giving her the antidote, thinking to himself "I only have forty-five minutes left."

Fifteen minutes ago, Batman meets with Gordon on the top of the GCPD, as Scarecrow is demanding he be put in contact with Batman, or else someone will get hurt. The two assume that Crane has a hostage, as Gordon hands Batman the phone. Seems Scarecrow wants to play a game, where Batman will need to do three tasks. Find Catwoman who was contracted to steal something of importance, next find who she was to meet with, and finally find out where they were to meet. Batman's got one hour, and the clock is ticking.

Back in the present, as Catwoman comes to, Brucelooks at the anti-feer toxin capsules she was carrying and tries to get a name out of her. Being that he's short on time, he's a little verbally rough on Catwoman, but she eventually remembers the name, Digger Jones.

Digger is a low life drug dealer, and now dog fighter, who isn't hard for Bruce to find, as the patrons of the dog fight are all too ready to give him up, in favor of escaping the Batman. Bruce manages to catch Digger, and with some intimidation, gets the location of where he was to meet his clients.

The Scarecrow phones in to say he's got one more challenge, but gives up the fact that he's also watching Batman, so Bruce looks around, and eventually finds a fleeing Scarecrow, who he catches up to, and pummels.

Bruce asks where the hostage is, but Scarecrow points out that he never said there was one, but the one task remains, go to the location digger gave up, and destroy everything. Turns out someone lifted some of Crane's toxin from him, and he's none too pleased. So Scarecrow figures it's a win win, Batman destroys the fear toxin, and takes out whoever is ripping of Scarecrow. Bruce has nothing of it, and decides to tie up Crane anyways, but before he can, Crane shows him a picture of a boy, who he'll find there, and can still "save."

At the old school, Bruce finds a bunch of fake Scarecrow looking henchmen guarding the place. Inside is Eli Strange, Hugo Strange's "son" who's arranging the shipments. His father calls in to say that the police are on the way, and that he should drop everything immediately. Eli protests a bit, but right before Hugo's screen is broken by a batarang, he tells his son that he's lucky to have connections, just as Batman enters the room. Bruce grabs Eli, demanding to know where the boy in the picture is. He takes a look at Eli's face, and realizes the boy in the photograph is him.

Bruce hands him over to the cops, as he goes over Strange's backstory. Turns his mother died giving birth, no father was ever listed on the birth certificate. He was adopted, and turned out to be very gifted. By age 17, he was working at the pentagon, but his supervisors ended up dying in freak accidents weeks apart, a month later he shows up in Gotham, claiming to be Hugo Strange's son.


Now we got the Two Face back up! Not much happens, Harvey shows up to his safe house pretty beat up, as his men try and put him back together. Flashback to him and his lawyer meeting with a man who claims to be sent by the man prosecuting Dent, claiming he's willing to drop everything if they set up a meeting. Dent and his Lawyer find no evidence of the prosecutor sending this, and send the man off to be tortured to tell the truth. Two Hours later, they end up getting a call from the prosecutor, looking for said meeting.


So, this was actually a pretty good issue. Nice little one and done. Wasn't perfect, but it was still really enjoyable. It reminded me of Dini's run on the title, prior to Heart of Hush, and I believe that's what this book should be, nice little one or two issue stories. Nothing too big, but enough just to fill some more Batman cravings. Tony Daniel's art was really good here too, maybe because he had some background assists and could work more on the characters, who knows, but he draws a really damn good Scarecrow.

The back up? Can't really gauge it yet. Back up's are hard to judge. Only got 8 pages of set up. I can't say I am all too interested as of now, but we'll see. Szymon Kudranski's art is pretty great (as always) though.


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