Wednesday, April 18, 2012

SPOILERS: Catwoman #8

Sneaking into a multimillion dollar mansion through a secret passage under the pool is not only a clever way for a thief to gain entrance to their mark's house, but it's a nice way to turn the dial up on sexual tension... case and point, Catwoman and Spark! But bikinis and speedos be damned, it's time to go to work. The duo are looking for a set of five ancient knives, but alas, there are only four. No time to think, as security bursts in, leaving the duo to pick up what they can and bail. Catwoman makes note of liking Spark (cuz he's totes hawt) since he can keep up, and because, what's the fun in riding a roller coaster by yourself?

Selina's got an idea where the fifth dagger is, and runs the intel over with her fence Gwen. Looks like they'll be hitting the Penguin. Gwen is down for it, but she's wary about Selina's new partner in Spark, claiming it may not be the best idea to trust another thief. Selina brushes it off, as they prepare for the heist.

Sometime later, on the night before the heist, Selina and Spark stake out the restaurant Penguin usually frequents, and you know... flirt a bit. But Selina notices something else. A prostitute's body language is weirding her out, and sure enough, she's being abducted by a big fiend like last issue (Spoiler, her name is Dollhouse, read solicits.)

Selina jumps in to save the hooker, but Dollhouse counters with some serious pistols, as she gets back into her van, too bad spark is there, to pump electricity into it like it's a train line. Selina manages to get Dollhouse by the whip, but the big fiend throws a grenade into the truck, where the knocked out prostitute goes. Unable to do anything in time, Selina is relieved that Spark took the initiative to risk his own life to get the hooker out of the van, furthering Selina's "he's a good guy" claim. But during the explosion, Dollhouse manages to get away.

Selina and Spark find a group of prostitutes who inform them of their missing "coworkers," and tell them the police aren't doing anything, because who cares about a missing hooker?

Later, Selina wants to do something about it, dispute Spark's "It's Gotham, these people know what they're getting into" mentality. Selina isn't done with it, but she knows she's getting back to it after their current job at hand that goes down the following night.

What night is that you may ask? Oh, just the "Night of the Owls" as we see the Court of Owls planning their assassinations, highlighting the Penguin.


This... this is what I wanted Catwoman to be all along. Just a fun romp of thievery and action. We've gotten past the melodrama, and it's just fun now. (Batgirl should take note, just saying.) I mean, I don't know what else to say, superhero comics, in my mind are meant to be fun first and foremost, and this is what we're getting.

If I had to take anything away from it is that I found Melo's work a little less refined compared to last issue, but that may be due to there being two inkers on the book this time. Guillem March coming back next issue!


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  1. Another good issue. I can't really expand upon that because the book has settled into a certain level of consistency in terms of story and writing that I really enjoy. I love this book----it makes me feel like it's 1997 and I'm picking up the Balent series again!

    I am not reading the other Batbooks (call me when they bring back Steph and Cass), so I hope next month's Owl crossover also functions as a standalone Catwoman story.