Wednesday, April 11, 2012

SPOILERS: Batwoman #8

Picking up in the now, Killer Croc is threatening Kate's life, with Bloody Mary egging him on, while Hook crawls helplessly trying to get his hook back on his bloody stump, and Weeping Woman proclaims that Medusa will not set her free. Kate whips out the tech arrow thingy that Chase gave her the last issue, and it starts wreaking all kinds of havoc on Croc and Mary, up until Falchion demands her to stop if she doesn't want him to murder one of the many children present.

One month ago, in a battle between the Religion of Crime and Medusa, the sorcerer Maro cuts off the hand of Rush (who fun fact, was the guy Kate was chasing down in the very beginning of Elegy) and takes him hostage. Rush wakes up, still bleeding, strapped to a table with Maro over him, talking about some magical hoo-doo, and brings out a big hook, with weird mechanical tentacles come out from the bottom. Maro puts it near Rush's bloody stump, and the hook attaches itself to Rush's arm, turning him into The Hook, the creature that gutted Flamebird, a few issues back.

One week ago, Kate is in her apartment with Chase, who shows her pictures of Maggie, alone. Chase is worried that the two are headed for a breakup, which can't happen yet, as Maggie needs the two together so Kate can mine information from Maggie. Kate takes offense to this, but Chase fires back telling Kate not to act like she hasn't already "crossed that line." With Chase gone, Kate sighs and calls Maggie.

Six nights ago, Maggie is on GCPD boat with Harvey on the other, as they transport Sune, the sister of Maro. Maggie hears something over the radio, and points a light to Bullock's boat, to see Batwoman, and a bunch of knocked out GCPD. Batwoman boards Maggie's boat reluctantly (as she believed that Sune was supposed to be on Bullock's) and begins to take out those cops, carefully. She makes her way to Sune, but Maggie shows up and attacks from behind, leading Kate to accidentally tranq Maggie.

Two weeks ago, Bette is still a vegetable, and Jacob is still sitting in her room, moving on.

One week ago (this doesn't make sense as it happens EXACTLY after the six nights ago story, but whatever,) Chase posing as a trucker damsel in distress "borrows" a trucker's big rig, as Kate shows up with Sune, ready for transport. Chase tells Sune that she is to help bring down Medusa, but Sune knows how to play the game, and asks for the secret word... "immunity."

Back in the present, Kate attacks Falchion, but surprisingly, his blade, made by "the Mother" which has apparently bathed in the blood of Amazons, actually manages to slice through Kate's new fancy armor. BUT THEN! Falchion gets shot up by a few arrows, as Sune appears with her own "mother made" bow and arrow, betraying Medusa.


Alright, I'm really not going to even spend a whole lot of time on this review, as it's pretty identical to my last two. The story here is good. I like it. Not as much as the first arc, but whatever, it's a fun story. The delivery is not. I'm starting to really resent it, and can't fathom how it's supposed to go on for three more issues. This non linear device just isn't working for me, for the third time. I liked Amy Reeder's art here, but a little of it looked a bit rough here and there. Oh well.


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