Wednesday, April 4, 2012

SPOILERS: Batwing #8

With Nightwing and Robin dealing with Massacre and the Steelback suit, Batman and Batwing speed to the scene, with David convinced that Massacre is none other than his former General Keita. When the two arrive, David single outs Massacre, while the original man who was Steelback, walks Batman, Nightwing and Robin through disabling the suit.

David and Massacre trade blows, as David accuses the brute of being General Keita, something that Massacre takes offense too, claiming he's a true warrior. While this is happening, Batman manages to cut through the Steelback suit to find an empty cockpit, but ends up triggering the suit's self destruct mechanism, which was a fail safe for unauthorized infiltration.

With Batman trying to get everyone to evacuate, David and Massacre still fight. David, asking who he really is, ends up punching Massacre's mask off, sending him to the ground. Massacre simply says "I am Massacre" as he speaks of a "Redeemer" who made him that way. David stares at the man's scarred face for a moment, then realizes who it is... It's his brother, Isaac.

Massacre freaks out when he hears Batwing say his name, asking how he knows. David tries to calm his brother down, offering help, but Batman keeps calling him to evacuate. Just as David is about to tell his brother the truth, the suit explodes.

A short time later, Batwing and Batman tracked the Steelback signal to a nearby office, where they find the man who was operating the suit... Josiah Kone, the scientist of The Kingdom. He is who Isaac referred to as the Redeemer. Kone was so sickened by what the Kingdom did, that when he found Isaac living in the forest like an animal, he brought him back from the brink of madness, trained him, and gave him a new purpose. As Kone requests a warrior's death from Batwing, Batman steps in to say "No one else is going to die."

Sometime later, Batwing sits in the Batcave, questioning his ability to be a hero. His reasoning includes seeing, and committing as many horrors as he has. But Bruce comforts him in saying that "Who I am was born of death. So we fight, David." Continuing to call David a hero who honors all with his strength.

Flashback to many years ago, with David and Isaac in the jungle. Isaac asks David what he remembers of their parents, and despite David not wanting to be distracted by the past, he tells the story he knows Isaac wants to hear, making them both laugh. With their parents gone, David tells his brother that he'll always be there for him.


Well, this arc had quite the few red herrings. Can't say didn't see Isaac coming, and quite honestly, at one point really didn't want that to happen, but the way it was handled was really well done. The issue also had some really good Batman Batwing interactions, particularly the last scene with them. Really enjoyed it. Only drawbacks was the predictability, and despite the cover, no Babs.


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