Wednesday, April 25, 2012

SPOILERS: Batman - The Dark Knight #8

A typical night in Gotham, Batman and Gordon hanging out, talking about the same-old, same-old. Train of dead people? Eh, whatever. Batman figures out that instead of being murdered, it seems as if these people ended up killing themselves. Should he do something about it? Yeah... probably.

While Batman retreats to the cave to go over the case with Alfred, as it seems this isn't the first strange occurrence, elsewhere in the GCPD, Gordon is confronted by Lt. Dickhead Forbes (who I thought was probably going to be forgotten for all time, silly me) tells Gordon that the Mayor has required a psych test, to see if he's still fit for service.

Bruce investigates the railway where he finds Tweedledee and Tweedledum waiting for him. They seem more agitated and attack. They lead Bruce down the tracks of the subway, eventually blowing up one of the tunnels as they escape.

Meanwhile, Alfred remains in the cave monitoring the situation when a news report comes on about a Senator announcing his intentions to run for President, only to shoot himself in the head on national TV.

Across Gotham, Gordon is seeing his appointed shrink, and is as one would expect, somewhat resistant to the idea, asking the shrink how much he has to say to get Forbes off his back. The shrink tries to comfort him, saying everything is between them and private. Gordon suggests a few topics of conversation, ranging from his ex wife coming back into the picture, the tragedy surrounding his daughter, or his Arkham resident son.

In the Batplane, Bruce is scanning the city to find the source of the mind control, and eventually finds none other than the Mad Hatter, with the Tweeds, on top of a skyscraper with a rather large satellite dish, broadcasting his madness across the city.

It takes Bruce about oh, two seconds, to drop from the plane, dropkicking Hatter in the face. The Tweeds start to aim the satellite at Bruce, though his cowl filters it a little bit, it still has some effect on him, allowing the Tweeds to get the upper hand. Gordon and the police eventually arrive with a helicopter, and before one of the Tweeds can aim the satellite at said copter, Bruce throws the other into the satellite, frying it, then tackling Hatter into a window. The end, day is saved.


Eeeeh, this was the definition of a filler issue. I mean, it literally is. Paul Jenkins had plans, then got dropped, no reason to start a new arc, Owls are coming up next issue, and Hurwitz then takes over. So they obviously needed a little one and done. I mean... it was average. Nothing good, nothing terrible, just eh. Predictable is probably the best thing I can say, haha. Bene's guest art was good, but it felt like he was mimicking Finch's pencils, which very well may be the case, given the situation. Honestly, unless you're a die hard fan of Mad Hatter for some reason, you're not missing much.


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