Wednesday, April 11, 2012

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin #8

If there was any question left in your mind about the fate of Nobody, there isn't anymore. No, Damian didn't just paralyze him, or put him in a coma, he straight up broke through his skull, two fingers to the brain, killed him. As Damian collapses into his father's arm, he weakly tells him he had to do it, to protect "the kingdom." Bruce tells him now is not the time, and flies off, while the ship sinks, Nobody and all.

Bruce rushes Damian into the Batcave as Alfred preps the medical equipment. Alfred notices Bruce's wounds as well, but as Bruce looks to what is probably Jason Todd's former costume, he tells Alfred "I can wait." Alfred scans Damian's wounds, and due to Damian's advanced training, his body is a lot stronger than a normal 10 year old's, so his wounds aren't as threatening. Alfred brings up the events that just happened, but Bruce assures him that Damian had no real intention of joining Nobody, saying that Damian did everything so they could "shut down" Nobody easier. Alfred asks him if that's indeed the case, leaving Bruce to inform Alfred of Nobody's exact fate.

Bruce leaves the cave, weakly entering the manor, where he talks to a picture of him and his parents, wishing that the blood of Nobody was on his hands instead of Damian's. Bruce then collapses in a pool of blood, leaving the dog Titus to bark. Next thing he knows, Alfred is examining him, evaluating his injuries. He tells him that Damian is stable, and that the two of them need to rest.

Sometime later, Bruce enters Damian's room while he sleeps and leaves the audio file he recorded. As Bruce closes the door, Damian wakes up and listens to it. He then finds Bruce in Thomas' old study, a room that Bruce hadn't entered since his father died, cleaning it up, where they discuss the events that just happened. Bruce tells Damian that they are more like each other than his young son probably even realizes. He constantly fights that urge to kill, because he made a promise to both himself and his parents, and there are no exceptions in your principles. He warns Damian of the line that he would walk if he killed all his enemies, and that the code he lives by, Damian also needs to live by as well. Damian then admits to his father that he wants to, and wants to be like him, he's always wanted that, but sometimes he doesn't know what he is. Bruce comforts Damian, telling him "You're my son" along with some other deep fatherly stuff.

With the two's relationship seemingly on the mend, Bruce proposes since they can't leave the premise thanks to Alfred's stern suggestion, they do something "mundane." Outside, the two of them, along with Alfred, start to play fetch with Titus, bonding in the process. But to Alfred's dismay, the bat signal goes on, and despite their injuries, father and son go off to duty.


This issue played out pretty much how I'd expect it to. Get Damian out, heal him up, stern talking to. I was actually surprised Bruce wasn't as harsh as I expected him to be. Though predictable, this was a really great issue for the father/son moments that this first arc has been so heavy on. It wrapped up quite nicely. It'll be interesting to see where the story goes from here, now that the big "alright, this is how father and son work together" thing is out of the way.


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  1. Man, I was a sucker for this issue. Predictability and all.

    It is making me warm up even more to Damian (which is something that definitely has been a PROCESS)