Wednesday, April 18, 2012

SPOILERS: Batman #8

Looking over the model of Gotham he has built in his manor, Bruce thinks to himself about how he's recently figured out that he doesn't know Gotham as well as he does. Alfred turns on the model's lights, outlining the planned buildings in the revitalization plan (see: Batman #1) and tries to comfort Bruce in his hour of despair. All the sudden, Bruce hears a thump on the roof. Panicking, he tells Alfred to get to the cave.

As Alfred enters the cave, Bruce goes upstairs, equipped with his computer contact lenses. Alfred doesn't notice the Talon behind him, sticking his blade in the door, not allowing the cave entrance to come to a complete close. Bruce looks out the window, and sees heat signatures of owls sitting in a nearby tree, just as a Talon bursts through the window, telling him the Court has sentence him to die. Bruce takes a part of the stair's banister, cracks the Talon over the head, and tells him "yeah, I got it the first time." The Talon is impressed with his fighting style, but Bruce points out to the Talon that it's fighting style is 200 years out of date, kicking him to the ground, only to see the eyes of three more Talons shine through the darkness.

Bruce tires to get visual help from Alfred, but can't due to Alfred noticing the Talon stalking him in the cave, as he hides and goes silent. The four Talons chase Bruce up to the roof of the manor, where another Talon waits. This one proclaims that they will chase him wherever he goes, but Bruce impales the assassin with a weather vein, pinning him to the roof, telling him "No, you won't." With the other Talons reaching the roof, Bruce uses a secret passage through the chimney to enter the cave, sealing it behind him.

Bruce enters the cave, calling out to Alfred, but draws the attention of the Talon. But before the Talon can do anything, the giant penny comes crashing down on him, trapping him beneath. Score one for Alfred. Bruce pulls off the Talon's mask, demanding to know how many are coming. The assassin tells him that it's not just him, but they'll find out soon enough. Bruce notices his gauntlet, breaks the dude's arm, and extracts a micro drive from it, as even MORE Talons enter the cave, causing both Bruce and Alfred to hold up in the armory. While most of the Talon's give chase, one of them finds William Cobb, and cuts the tubes pumping coolant through his system.

In the armory, Bruce gives the micro drive to Alfred, telling him to see if he can find anything on it, as he's got an idea to buy some time.

On the other side of the armored door, the Talon's try and try to get into the armory, but surprisingly enough, the door opens on it's own. Out emerges Bruce, in a suit of mechanized battle armor, telling the Talons one thing... "Get the hell out of my house."

*Note this is where the back up starts* The Talons surround Bruce, as Alfred continues to try and break the code of the micro drive. He eventually finds out whats on the disc, and is horrified at what he finds. A list of names, countless names, all of Gotham public figures who the Court have sentenced to die. Many of the attacks already taken place, but there are names on the list like Gordon and Mayor Hady. Bruce tells Alfred to send a call out to all his allies.

Red Robin, Red Hood, Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, Black Canary, Starling, Katana and more all hear Alfred's message:
"To all the allies of the Bat presently in Gotham, I send this with greatest urgency. Tonight, the Court of Owls has sent their assassins to kill nearly forty people across the city. The Court's targets are all Gotham leaders, people who shape this city. I have uploaded a list of the targets' names, here. The Court's assassins, the 'Talons,' are already en route to their targets. They are highly trained killers with extraordinary regenerative abilities. For many of their targets, I fear it may be too late to -- I'll keep the -- Keep the line to the cave open as long as I can manage. Good luck to you... God help us all"

WOO. Action packed, is what you use to describe this issue. The fight scene on the roof, and how Capullo choreographed it, was flat out fantastic. This is an issue where the art really shined, and you see how well Capullo can shape a book. The Talons too, man, they're scary in here, and you really get a sense of the horror element Snyder has brought to this particular issue. They really felt like horror movie villains, that just stalk you, and no matter what, just keep coming, only this time, there are like ten of them in this issue.

And the back up, not so much a back up, as it was just a direct continuation of the main story, but still, great stuff on Tynion and Albuquerque's part. It'll be interesting to see how the "Fall of the House of Wayne" pans out next.


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