Wednesday, April 11, 2012

SPOILERS: Batgirl #8

Danny "the Weasel" Weaver, or better known, that dude with the sunglasses behind the Joker in The Killing Joke. Babs has just come across him, as one of Grotesque's henchmen, and doesn't know quite what to do. The other thug wakes up, but Babs dispatches him quickly, and turns her attention back to Danny, who is a bit startled that she apparently knows who he is, and is even more startled and confused that she tells him to go. But with out thinking twice, Danny dips the scene as quick as he can, leaving Babs with a large mix of emotions.

Babs returns to her empty apartment, confused as ever, and finally decides to open the christmas present her Mother gave her. It's an old necklace of her grandmother's, and remembering what Dinah told her last issue, Babs decides to call her mother for a talk.

Elsewhere, Grotesque speaks to Danny about the recent events. Grotesque, who is now infatuated with Batgirl, seems to think that the way to get to her is through Danny, who she has a connection of some sorts with, but Danny wants nothing to do with it. Too bad Grotesque is a crazy lunatic, so Danny's concerns go unheard.

Babs shows up to meet her mom at her apartment. Before her mother can say anything, Babs stops her, and asks for answers to the question, "why'd you leave us?" The answer? Well, like Barbara Sr. told Jim last issue, it was because of James Jr.

We see a flashback to when both Babs and James were young. James tells his mother that he has a present for her, and she needs to follow. Barbara Sr, already weary of her son's... "personality" follows cautiously into the yard, where she finds a dead cat, brutally killed. James, with out any emotion, tells his mother that it was "her fault" and if she didn't leave, more bad things would happen, this time to Babs. Completely freaked out, and believing her deranged son, she left. She tells Babs that there was so much blood, and in the dirt, she could see bits of Babs' hair too. Babs asked why she came back now, and her mother tells her that she got help, finally came to peace with her guilt and demons. Babs tells her mom she needs to process everything, and leaves.

That night, she figures she could probably use Danny to find where Grotesque is hiding out, and ends up at his house... where Grotesque is waiting, blasting her out of the doorway with electricity. Grotesque readies to use the thunder storm's electricity to really put the voltage to Babs, but a shot is fired, grazing Grotesque. It was from Danny. He's had enough, declaring he quits. Grotesque laughs it off, firing electricity at Danny. This gives Babs a window, and with all her strength, beats the living shit out of Grotesque.

She goes to check on Danny who is badly wounded. She asks him why he went back to this life, to which he responds he had no choice. Babs tells him that she can get him some medical health, but Danny chooses to die, instead of just going back to prison. He begins to confess to her a bit, that he's done some bad shit in his life, and starts talking about that night. He says he isn't exactly sorry for what happened. Babs asks what he did next, and realizes it was him who called the cops, and told them exactly which apartment to go to, effectively saving her life, which she openly admits. She asks why, and with Danny's last breath he says
"I don't know. You didn't cry. You didn't... You didn't beg. I couldn't leave it alone. I couldn't stick to the plan. Something went wrong I guess... Something went."
And then he dies in Babs' arms.

Elsewhere in the city, Alysia, Babs' roommate is leaving her bar shift. She bumps into a man on the street who strikes up a conversation with her. She believes the man to be hitting on her, but politely declines. The guy is a bit persistent, and eventually charms her into a cup of coffee. Alysia properly introduces herself, and asks for this guy's name, which just so happens to be...



Well, certainly did not expect James Jr. to show up like this, out in the open. Given the solicits, there really wasn't anything to run off of where you could expect this. Surprising to say the least. Anyways, I liked the rest of the issue, Grotesque sort of fell flat, but the meat of the issue was really the final confrontation with Danny Weaver. That was really well done, and I really liked his dying words, which I quoted up there. It seems now, finally we can get past Baggage Babs, and really go headfirst into Babs at her prime. I hope at least.



  1. How did James Jr. get out of Arkham? And shouldn't the commissioner or Barbara have known about that?

    That said, this is one of the most exciting cliffhangers in the New 52 thus far.

    1. The same way anyone gets out of Arkham, by walking out the front door.