Saturday, April 21, 2012

Outside of Gotham, April 21st, 2012

Just one book for this week's post, but it's a big one being that it's Justice League. This month's issue had a bit more meat on it's bones compared to last month's and teased a few things to come, along with a surprise appearance of some bird looking dudes.

Justice League #8

This month's issue of Justice League was pretty much Green Arrow attempting to join the team, and the rest of the League (well, most of it) telling him to fuck off, pretty much. But, GA remains ever persistent and ends up showing up to help the League battle the Court of Owls (yes, the Talons make an appearance) and then later during a fight with some cultists that won't show up until Jell Lemire's first issue of Justice League Dark (next month's #9.) After that rejection, Green Arrow runs into Steve Trevor who knows all about Ollie, and gets him to admit that he's trying to join the League, because it would be a vehicle for him to be able to really help and make up for some things in his past. While Steve wouldn't say he'd get Ollie on the League, he suggested a different team that he seems to be forming. Later, in the Watchtower, the team discusses the possibilities of letting new members in, but Batman reminds them of what happened the last time, and theirs a big flashback splash page of the whole league fighting Martian Manhunter, who somewhere on earth, telepathically hears their conversation, saying to himself "they're not ready." 

Meanwhile, in the back up, Billy Batson comes to his new foster home, where his new brothers and sisters are not only Mary Marvel (I'm going to assume her last name isn't Batson anymore) and Freddy Freeman, but Pedro, Eugene and Darla, the kids who formed S.H.A.Z.A.M. in Flashpoint. Then Billy makes Darla cry, because he's a dick. He does feel bad about it after Mary scolds him, then he sees some magical clouds, and what not.

I enjoyed this issue much more than I did the last. Like I said in the beginning, it had a lot more meat to it this month. The things teased in this issue (the second League so to speak) may be coming up in the FCBD issue where 2013's event Trinity War will be teased. Anyways, now that we've gotten the origin out of the way, and two issues of teases done, I have a feeling this book is about to pick up big time with the Villain's Journey arc, as by the end of it, there will be some big changes. Artistically, I enjoyed this issue more than Gene Ha's last (which I was expecting to look more like the stuff he did for Action Comics.) The majority of it was drawn by Carlos D'anda, who you may be familiar with if you've played the Arkham games (he designed the characters) or the original Arkham City mini series. There were some inconsistencies, Wonder Woman looked a bit to dainty at times, Cyborg seemed REALLY big, and Batman randomly showed up in a scene where he wasn't supposed to be, half way through (the Talons scene.) The last four pages were drawn by Ivan Reis, who... man, I've got to say is one of the top talents in all of comics right now. Hands down. Other companies HAVE to be jealous that DC has him on lock. I've looked at some art on some of Marvel's biggest books, and I've got to say, nothing even compares to Ivan. You look at that Martian Manhunter spread and just say "damn.


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