Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Gotham Spoilers turns 2!

"Night of the Owls?" Psh, old news, IT'S GOTHAM SPOILERS' BIRTHDAY UP IN HERE! That's right, as of this week, Gotham Spoilers has turned two! I don't remember the exact day I started, but I do remember that it was the third week in April, that's for sure. I've been at this for two years now, shit. Time flies. I wonder how many total issues I have written up... I may actually count that up later.

REGARDLESS! Man, it's been an awesome two years. Love doing this site. It gives me hope for internet comic fandom, that there's someplace that isn't just completely inherently negative about every god damn thing. Yes, I know that's a tad bit narcissistic since you know, I'm the one making it that way, but whatever, better than it being a blog run by some insatiable fanboy.

Anyways, thanks to all the readers, it's only because of you that I keep doing this... well that and I have the free time... but still, if I was only getting say 43 hits a week, rather than the thousands I get, I would have dropped this like a... well, picture any pissy fanboy dropping a book for some ridiculous miniscule reason, like that!


  1. Im a Batman fan from South Africa and im a huge fan of your site. HBD.

  2. Thanks from the UK, your site is the first place I look for all my Bat-stuff, I'm glad I found it nearly two years ago, please keep it up, it's hugely appreciated, especially the positivity, brilliant synopses and well... fun.


  3. Another Congrats from the UK! No idea you had so many hits, thought there were just a few of us, lol. I always find myself agreeing with your comments and views (also I appreciated your non-hyperbolic reaction to the New 52.) Anyway, Keep it up!

  4. Congrats Phiz! I'm a fan from PA. I love your site and appreciate your hard work. I actually read your reviews first before I decide to buy the books. I'm always going to buy Snyder or Morrison for example but your site helps tremendously with the other books on the fringe. Especially with Night of Owls crossing over into so many books I don't normally buy next month.

    Keep up the good work and HBD!

  5. im a big batman fan originally from america but now living in TAIWAN! just wanted to say i really enjoy your site, stumbled upon it on tumblr a while back and now follow it very often. keep posting reviews and analysis of the new issues, it makes reading the new 52 that much more enjoyable :)

  6. A very late congrats, I am a permanent lurker and appreciate all you work. Long may Gotham Spoilers continue.