Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cover thoughts for July 2012

Second month for the cover thoughts feature, and generally, I've got to say the batch of covers are generally better than the last months, so let's discuss, shall we?

Batman Incorporated #3

I've seen better from Burnham, that's not to say it's a bad cover though. Matches Malone is a slick motherfucker, and that's always a good thing. Just compared to the last cover, this is pretty tame. Something that also worries me is the headroom (aka space between top of the image to the top of the subject's head.) Now, you could argue that the shadow negates that, but the shadow really isn't the first thing your eye is drawn to. Overall, it's still a good cover.

Batman #11

Greg fucking Capullo. Man, this is a fantastic painted cover from him. We initially saw a teaser image of just the cropped head, and I was afraid that for the finale of this arc that we would get a disappointing cover, but man, I was wrong. This is just one symbolic piece of awesome art. "But Fhiz" you say "What about the head room in this cover?!" Well, factor in the big clunky ass logo Batman has.

Detective Comics #11

This cover is eh. Reminds me of the cover for #6. Batman, pulled back fist, bad guy, who looks eerily similar to the original Red Hood costume. I like the fact that the guy apparently has a floating head in that capsule. Also, like the color. It's some shades we haven't seen Morey do in this title.

Batman and Robin #11

What the hell is going on here? What is this suit?! Is this just symbolic or is this really happening? If anything, it looks pretty cool. I'm interested to see how this pertains to Damian apparently picking a bone with Jason, but... yeah I don't know, cool, whatever.

Batman: The Dark Knight #11

This honestly just looks like a generic cover that they had pre made to use in a pitch for something. Doesn't say anything about the story, just a Batman portrait. Nothing special.

Batwing #11

I wish this cover was a little more filled out, seeing that its left and right sides are pretty empty. Nightwing's thighs could be slimmed down too. These are interesting to see, because I know Marcus To is inking his own covers, and has been practicing his skills recently, so I'm interested to see what the interiors with Ryan Winn inking will look like.

Batwoman #11

JH Williams III, so good, so good. Great composition, great everything. People were thinking that there's a "?" on the cover, maybe hinting The Question showing up, but don't get your hopes up, it's the symbol for Medusa, look up #6, the drug packages that Medusa has. Sorry to stomp out that hope.

Batgirl #11

Finally, Batgirl got a new cover artist. I didn't like Syaf's covers that much. He's an interior artist, doing covers are a different beast. I love Artgerm's style. Just bold, full of style and colorful. It's interesting though, I've noticed a LOT of emphasis on Babs' legs on a bunch of the covers for this series. I'm not sure if it's a subconscious thing going through these guys' head, or if it's intentional... interesting nonetheless. 

Birds of Prey #11

More Artgerm! I'd actually like to have seen more Foreman covers, because the one's he's done for Animal Man are pretty sick, but, like I said with Batgirl, I'm not going to complain with Artgerm. It's funny, Batgirl and Birds of Prey were the last two cover assignments he had prior to the first few covers for Captain Atom. Also, lol, tentacles.

Catwoman #11

I like this cover, it's not my favorite from March, but I like it. Tomeu Morey really is just a perfect match for coloring his stuff. They work well together. It seems a bit off center, but that's something I imagine they can fix with some cropping.

Nightwing #11

I'm so glad these covers are being inked now. THANK GOD, again. Barrows stuff has only gotten better as the title has gone on, despite there being a good amount of fill in recently. I'm hoping he can get a good streak of issues under his belt soon, but anyways, back to the cover. Barrows has been working a lot with showing movement with Dick, which is something I was critical of before, so it's cool to see that motion process on the cover. Interesting that this seems to be at a carnival...

Red Hood & The Outlaws #11

I like Rocafort, that's a well known fact, but this is just a... standard cover at best. He's capable of much more creative images, this just seems bland, and with less color. Still reminds me of Mass Effect though, so that's cool.

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