Saturday, April 14, 2012

C2E2 News Update

Well, all the relevant C2E2 panels DC is holding have come and gone, and while there wasn't anything all that new announced, there were a few bits a pieces to report on.

Hit the jump for all the info you need to know.


  • The Free Comic Book Day issue DC is putting out is apparently really important to the whole universe, so check that out three (I think?) Saturdays from now.
  • Alfred is a bad ass in Batman: Earth One
  • Tired of the Court beating up Bruce? Issue #9 is the turning point for Bruce's fight against the owls. 
  • Batman: The Dark Knight #9 will not only feature Tim Drake fighting a Talon, but it will show what happens in Batman from that specific Talon's point of view
  • The relationship between the Waynes and Kanes will be explored
  • Snyder didn't say anything about the next arc (starting in #13) but it's going to be more twisted apparently
  • Riddler and Hush will show up at some point soon(ish)
  • Dark Knight: Boy Wonder (conclusion to All Star Batman and Robin) is still shelved.
  • Tim Drake is going to be a big part of "Night of the Owls"
  • Batman INC #2 will explore Talia's history (largely intact from the "old" universe)
  • Chris Burnham said that Batman INC would be a mix between "Gritty Dark Knight stuff and 60s pop art Adam West"
  • The new Batmobile debuting in Batman #9 will be a "heavy artillery" version of the car
  • Batman Annual #1 will be in the vein of "Heart of Ice" from Batman: The Animated Series (also, Owls)
  • A good portion of Detective Comics #9 (Owls tie in) is told from Jeremiah Arkham's point of view (GOOD!)
  • In case you haven't read solicitations, the villain showing up in Batgirl #10 called Knightfall will be Babs' "arch nemesis." Simone is also really excited about "Night of the Owls"
  • Higgins described the reveal in Nightwing #7 "just the beginning" 
  • We will learn how William Cobb's name got changed into Grayson (...he had a daughter who got married?)
  • In Higgins' "Prince of Gotham" arc, he'll have Dick Grayson trying to establish a place of hope within Gotham (where Dick will be staying for the foreseeable future)
  • All Star Western's Court of Owls tie in will lay the ground work/seeds for what we're currently seeing in the present day DCU
  • There are no plans for Azrael currently in the New 52, but he's been discussed
  • No word on Steph and Cass
  • Harper Row, the girl we met in Batman #7 will have a "big" story in Batman #12 (I thought that had already been revealed)
  • Daniel mentioned Joker will show up soon...ish
  • Tony Zucco and other developments from Snyder's pre-New 52 stories, will be brought into Dick Grayson's life again...

And that's all! All this info can be found at either Newsarama or CBR's write ups of those two panels.


  1. It bothers me that Snyder, at this panel and WonderCon, is seemingly trying to interest Steph/Cass fans in Harper Row, as if any young female character will appease us. I am not reading any Batbook other than Catwoman and will continue this unofficial boycott until Cass and Steph return.

    With regard to Hush's return, hopefully he's still faceless and is inline with where Dini left him. Dini did an excellent job of making Hush a formidable villain and interesting character after the damage done to him by Loeb and Lieberman.

    As for Azrael, don't even bother bringing him back unless it's Jean-Paul.

  2. 1. You're loss. If you're going to "boycott" you might as well sack up and not buy anything.
    2. How can Loeb do damage to a charecter who didn't exist until he created him?
    3. Michael Lane was great.

    1. I don't really buy into this Harper Row character either, and I agree with Mr. Crane there. Steph and Cass need to come back (perhaps in Batman Inc.?), that's all I'm saying.

      As for Azrael, I agree that Michael Lane was great as a character, and just wasn't handled all that great, and I LOVE his costume. I'm really suprised that his whole Deus Angst Machina backstory wasn't compared with the standard tragic backstory of the other members of the Bat-family.

      But... I have a really special place in my heart for JPV.

      JPV was also handled poorly for his entire existence, but with a good writer like, I don't know, Tomasi, he could be something really great. I mean, what we've got here is a genuinely nice guy who happens to have a bloodthirsty alter ego which he is trying to bend to his will in order to do good.

      Again, Batman Inc. would be a great place to re-introduce these people, I think.

  3. 1. Selina Kyle is my favorite character in all of comics. While I like Steph and Cass, I love Selina more and will always, always support her book. I read comics for Catwoman. Wouldn't make sense to not buy any of the Batbooks when Catwoman is the most important book to me.

    2. In the original Hush story, Loeb pussied out by making Hush Tommy Elliot instead of Jason Todd. Hush's true identity ended up not being much of a surprise. Dini fleshed out the character and made it so the Elliot reveal in the original story wasn't such a disappointment.

    3. From the little I read about him, he was not as good as Jean-Paul. When people think Azrael, they think JPV. He should be back, not the lame Lane imitation.

    1. I like how you get on your faux feminist high horse and complain that DC is pushing a new female character as though they just want to shut you (and other female readers) up, yet you support the new Catwoman series, which has to be the trashiest, most damaging portrayal to the character I have seen to date. If you cared about the character even a fraction of how you say you do, you wouldn't support such a badly written version of an otherwise fantastic character.

      Now to your other "issues":

      Hush has always been a bland character. Loeb likes throwing anyone he possibly can into a story, and it really just goes in circles. Hush was good when Dini wrote him, but after they started having Elliot pose as Bruce after his "death", they somehow expected us to believe he went from fairly bad ass strategist to a complete twat that got pushed around. I'm glad they dropped the character and if they do bring him back, I hope they up the ante.

      "From the little I read about him" already puts you into a bit of hot water. You're commenting about a character YOU HAVEN'T EVEN READ. Had you known what you were against, I'd probably agree (seeing as he was completely pointless as a character halfway through his series and the terrible arc with the former Azrael that went mad; I believe issue #709 or there abouts). Having strong opinions over a new character just because of nostalgia really doesn't help any.

    2. I am sorry, but you're wrong. I have read about Lane. I didn't read his entire series but I read enough of it to know I didn't like him. Jean-Paul has always been the better character. You wouldn't have had a Michael Lane without Jean-Paul, and the passage of time has proven JPV is the better character.

      As for Selina, her portrayal in the new series is awesome and very much in line with her portrayal in the definitive 1990s Jim Balent series. This is the Catwoman I want to read about, not the hooker that Brubaker forced upon us. I also never said anything about being a feminist. Loving Steph and Cass doesn't make me a feminist, although it doesn't not make me a feminist either. So that argument of yours just doesn't work.

    3. The better Azrael was never the point. I merely pointed out that you're judging a character over time instead of content. JPV was overrated. The character of Azrael is overrated. I'm not arguing that JPV wasn't better, he was. But the character is largely unimportant.

      As for the "hooker" Brubaker "forced", I hardly see a difference. It's still the same sex pot dribble that, sadly and clearly, sells with male readers. And poor wording aside, you are not recognizing the point I am making. Female readers may be small, but they have the ability to influence how comics are made. If people keep buying rubbish, we get rubbish. We aren't getting Steph or Caas, cause that doesn't sell.

      And being upset that a new female character is being pushed instead of classic female characters, under the notion that any female will do, sounds mildly feminist, so you'll have to forgive the confusion.

  4. Also, don't think of my "boycott" as a boycott. I am not down with the New 52 at all. I hate it and didn't want it to happen in the first place. I am only reading 2 DC books now: Catwoman and New Guardians because I am a huge fan of Selina Kyle and Kyle Rayner. I will support any book that features characters I truly love and want to read about. I am throwing my money behind the characters I am invested in so my support keeps their books going instead of ending up in limbo like Cass and Steph.

  5. Gringo, perhaps I haven't recognized your point because you really haven't made one. You've simply bashed the new Catwoman book, bashed Jean-Paul Valley, bashed me, and made some snide remarks about Steph and Cass.

  6. So yeah, I'm really excited for Hush and Riddler. Especially Riddler. I wonder who's writing them?