Wednesday, April 18, 2012

SPOILERS: Birds of Prey #8

There's been a murder in Gotham, a pretty bad one at that. Guy's face is smashed in, teeth are broken, and the floor's windows all shatter. Special Agent no name, looks over the corpse, as the fingerprint scan the GCPD processed set off an electronic notice to his "people" indicating that the stiff was one of theirs, and that Black Canary might have just murdered another man.

Cut right into the action, three days later, Black Canary, Katana and Batgirl are being attacked after a set up, where Canary was following a tip about a murder she would be interested in. A hologram scolds Dinah as flames surround them, telling her she was foolish to think she could get away with shattering a man's skull.

A dimwit by the name of Napalm is burning up the place, disappointed by the fact Poison Ivy is no where to be seen, while Katana faces off against a former Yakuza member whose skin is coated in a chemical that makes his flesh impervious to blades and bullets. Batgirl gets cornered by a guy who has chemicals pumping into his brain making it impossible to knock him out (Batgirl's key move as noted by the hologram) and someone manages to get a collar around Dinah's neck that leaves her unable to user her canary cry, basically it's one big clusterfuck.

Elsewhere, in South Dakota, Starling breaks into a seemingly average house, that turns out to be spy base. As she's looking for some info, a man with a gun appears behind her.

The three birds in Gotham work together to allow themselves a small window of time where they can make a break for it, while in South Dakota, gun to Starling's head, knife to that dude's balls, the two put down their weapons and have a "spy to spy" talk, as Starling asks why this mysterious group is after Black Canary all the sudden. The man offers up the info willingly, claiming there are things Starling didn't know about Dinah, first, that she was a spy herself, and secondly, she was married at one time, pointing to the name of the victim in the info Starling was after.

In Gotham, Dinah and Babs get cornered by the knock out less dude, and the naked Yakuza guy, but where's Napalm you ask? Well, like I said, he's an idiot, and Katana gets the jump on him, sending his ass down an elevator shaft, causing him to explode, allowing the Birds to escape.

Regathering themselves, Dinah begins to break down into tears, as she admits to her teammates that those people were after her for something she did three years ago. Elsewhere, Starling looks over the name, reading it out loud "Kurt Lance." At the same time, Dinah tells Batgirl and Katana that she did it, she killed her husband three years ago.


Um... okay, let's get this out of the way, it was a cool action packed issue, that's for damn sure. But, reading the last issue, with the "The guy I killed wasn't Choke" cliff hanger, what the fuck is going on here? No mention of Choke or the Cleaners at all. Was this solved? Are we done? I don't even know. With the Owls next issue, and the Amazon the next, I'm SO confused.

But getting back to what actually happened, like I said, it was good and fun. Entertaining, and certainly made you feel like you were in the middle of a clusterfuck. So there was that. I mean, good issue over all, but still... just a bit confused.


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