Monday, April 30, 2012

Worlds' Finest #1 teaser art


Two new Worlds' Finest pages, one from Perez, the other from Maguire.

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Earth 2 #1 preview

Well, any ambiguity as to "who is the Earth 2" Batman has gone right out the window. Why did they even bother to be secretive? "It's a Wayne under the cowl" okay... then why not just say Bruce Wayne if it's literally in the first sentence of the book.

Whatever, still looks awesome.

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Colored Detective Comics #9 page

Owls, owls, owls. Tony Daniel posted the pencils to this page about a month ago, I want to say, and here's the inked and colored version. Thanks to twitter follower @EdgeRayner for alerting me to this.

(Source: Tony Daniel's Facebook)

Batwing #9 preview

Marcus To's art looks fantastic.

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Outside of Gotham, April 28th, 2012

This week saw the release of All Star Western as it continues to stay super outside of Gotham, and Teen Titans which his nearing the earnest start of "The Culling" cross over, starting next week with the release of the Teen Titans Annual.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Jason Fabok's Detective Comics #9 variant

I honestly didn't know Detective Comics would be getting variants other than the b/w covers, so this was a pleasant surprise. Jason Fabok really needs a solid gig after next month's Batman Annual. He has a blog post where he says he's got an upcoming project (and he's DC exclusive) so hopefully it's in Gotham.

(Source: Jason Fabok's blog)

Teen Titans Annual #1 preview

So begins "The Culling." I'll have a summary of the Legion Lost and Superboy issues when we get around to the Teen Titans issue later in May.

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Detective Comics #9 preview

Found this link last night, wasn't working until now. Some interesting stuff in this preview, like the fact that Jeremiah Arkham's stint as the Black Mask still happened. Yet he's the head of Arkham again? (Well, lets be honest, it made no sense to have Alice Synner as the head when they found out everything about her and she snapped.)

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Worlds' Finest #1 preview

When we found out that Helena Wayne was Huntress in her mini series, I said "RIP Helena Bertinelli"in the sense that she probably got wiped out continuity wise... but this time, I mean it literally.


Blah, that sucks.

Anyways, the preview took a while to load on my shitty lap top, and still took a bit of time on the iMac, so you may have to be patient with the website.

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Detective Comics #12 cover

Featuring Professor Radium, a rather damn obscure character. This is a really cool looking cover though.

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Panels of the Week

This week we've got some little person abuse, drug abuse, and Batman's schtick abuse!

Looking forward: May 2nd, 2012

OWLS! It begins! A month straight of "Night of the Owls" goodness.
  • Detective Comics #9: Arkham Asylum is under attack from the Talons, and it's up to Batman to save Jeremiah Arkham from getting killed.
  • Batwing #9: Spoiler: MORE OWLS! As Batwing remains in Gotham, he must answer his mentor's call to arms and fight off, you guessed it, MORE TALONS! Also, this is Marcus To's first issue.
Outside of Gotham is going to be huge next week as well, as we've got Teen Titans Annual #1, Earth Two #1, and Worlds' Finest #1. So check back next Saturday for all of there, where I will ALSO have a post about the DC Universe ramifications of the Free Comicbook Day issue.

Also, make sure to follow Gotham Spoilers at Twitter, Facebook, Google+, yadda yadda. Check back in an hour for panels of the week, and then this coming Saturday for my thoughts on Teen Titans and All Star Western #8.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Updated look at new Birds of Prey art

Earlier today, DC posted some pages from Travel Foreman's first drawn issue of Birds of Prey. Foreman posted a finished version of one of the pages a few minutes ago, with some more blacks, and costume details.

(Source: Travel Foreman's Twitter)

SPOILERS: Batman - The Dark Knight #8

A typical night in Gotham, Batman and Gordon hanging out, talking about the same-old, same-old. Train of dead people? Eh, whatever. Batman figures out that instead of being murdered, it seems as if these people ended up killing themselves. Should he do something about it? Yeah... probably.

New Travel Foreman Birds of Prey art


Wow, this looks AWESOME. I can't wait to see what this looks like colored (and to find out who the colorist is going to be, that is, if it switched with a new artist coming on board)

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New Batman Incorporated #1 page

Oh shit, it's the po-po! In all seriousness, I've had what, three or four posts about Batman Incorporated within the last week? Man, I'm getting hyped again.

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Batman: The Dark Knight #10 art


From writer Gregg Hurwitz's first issue. Scarecrow! Damian! This book is about to jump up in quality big time, if Penguin: Pain and Prejudice was any indication.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Batman #10 page + interview


Batman should always have stubble... just saying.

Anyways, hit the source for an interview with Batman editor Mike Marts about "The Night of the Owls."

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Frank Quitely's Batman Incorporated #1 variant

Huh. While anything with "Quitely" and "Batman" in it is good, I'm actually a little disappointed with this cover. It's just rather tame by Frank Quitely standards. Oh well, still a cool image.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lots of Batman INC and Wave 2 art

Buzz Feed has a story with a bunch of sneak peek art from all the Wave 2 titles, you know, Batman Inc. being part of it.

Hit the jump for more, and visit the source for art from GI Combat, Dial H and The Ravagers.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Outside of Gotham, April 21st, 2012

Just one book for this week's post, but it's a big one being that it's Justice League. This month's issue had a bit more meat on it's bones compared to last month's and teased a few things to come, along with a surprise appearance of some bird looking dudes.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Another Fall of the House of Wayne teaser

Coming in two and a half weeks!

(Source: Scott Snyder's Twitter)

Batman: The Dark Knight #8 preview

Don't let the cover fool you, this issue is actually written by Joe Harris with art from Ed Benes, who will be drawing Detective Comics #10-12 after this.

Also, here are the high res images, so you don't have to do the stupid magnifying glass thing at the EW site.

Page 1
Page 2-3
Page 4

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)

Batman hates vandalism

Next time in Batman, the Dark Knight cleans up the streets... LITERALLY (or not)

(Source: Greg Capullo's Twitter)

Snyder and Higgins talk Batman and Nightwing

In a new interview with CBR, both Scott Snyder and Kyle Higgins talk a bit about how their collaboration came about, what to expect in some other "Night of the Owls" tie-ins, and finally what to expect in their up coming issues.

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All Star Western #8 preview

Like Batman, this is a preview of the back up. Here's what I don't like about DC doing this. You're previewing a back up story, which by nature is what, eight pages? Yeah, well we've got five of them here. Dumb.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nightwing #9 tease

Looks like we'll be revisiting the Court of Owls' Maze next issue.

(Source: Kyle Higgin's Twitter)

Batman #12 cover tease

This is supposed to be the issue about Harper Row, but lord knows what this is. Your guess is as good as mine.

(Source: Greg Capullo's Twitter)

Teen Titans #8 preview

Tim is tripping balls man, he's tripping balls!

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Panels of the Week

It's time again for the best panels (in my mind) from this week's books! Hit the jump to see 'em.

The Fall of the House of Wayne art

More art from the Batman #9 back up, which actually comes out in three weeks, as Batman is moving up to a second week book in the month.

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Looking forward: April 25th, 2012

That one week that separates you and the full blown "Night of the Owls" ...grrrrr.

  • Batman - The Dark Knight #9: This issue had a complete creative overhaul, so who knows. I'm guessing it's still about the Wonder Land gang, maybe?
Anyways, that's it for this week. Check back in an hour for panels of the week. Make sure to follow Gotham Spoilers at all your favorite social networks, and if you subscribe via RSS, update the URL, as there were some technical difficulties recently.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

SPOILERS: Batman #8

Looking over the model of Gotham he has built in his manor, Bruce thinks to himself about how he's recently figured out that he doesn't know Gotham as well as he does. Alfred turns on the model's lights, outlining the planned buildings in the revitalization plan (see: Batman #1) and tries to comfort Bruce in his hour of despair. All the sudden, Bruce hears a thump on the roof. Panicking, he tells Alfred to get to the cave.

SPOILERS: Nightwing #8

*Note: if you read both Batman and Nightwing, read Batman first this week*

“This is a story about love. About sacrifice. About betrayal. This is the story… of how the man I will kill tonight is Gotham’s worst betrayer of all” is how this issue opens, in early 1900s Gotham, where we see a young street performer juggles as some of Gotham’s finest citezns, Alan Wayne, Edward Elliot, Theodore Cobblepot and Burton Crowne walk by with their family. Unlike those men, the boy juggling is not a child of Gotham.

The boy’s father was a ironworker who lost his life in the explosion during the construction of the Cameron Kane bridge, and since then he had been performing on the streets in secret to help his mother financially. One night while performing for a group of on lookers, a man pick pockets one of his audience members, but with quick reactions and a baseball to the back of the thief’s head, the boy stops the robbery. Impressed, the man who had his wallet temporarily stolen offers the boy a “change in venues.”

SPOILERS: Birds of Prey #8

There's been a murder in Gotham, a pretty bad one at that. Guy's face is smashed in, teeth are broken, and the floor's windows all shatter. Special Agent no name, looks over the corpse, as the fingerprint scan the GCPD processed set off an electronic notice to his "people" indicating that the stiff was one of theirs, and that Black Canary might have just murdered another man.

SPOILERS: Red Hood and the Outlaws #8

Shortly after Jason Todd came back to life and left the All Caste, he had a plan to kill the Joker, and put the beat down on Batman... but he needed money. Plan: Go to China, interrupt a Chinese Mafia Family funeral, and demand a 10% cut, or else. Shed some blood, to show you mean business, and there you go. While Jason is telling this story, Roy Harper bursts out in laughter at the completely ridiculous nature of the plan, praising Jason for how headstrong he was.

Jason continues to tell the story, saying after he killed one family, another came to power, then another, then another. This is where they get to Suzie Su, as her family came to power just as he got what he needed from his business adventure/got bored. He ended up killing all of Suzie's family except her and her father, as a "maybe they'll change" sort of deal, but nope. Suzie swore revenge on the Red Hood, and is now holding the children's wing of Gotham hospital hostage, demanding the Red Hood, or the kids get killed.

SPOILERS: Catwoman #8

Sneaking into a multimillion dollar mansion through a secret passage under the pool is not only a clever way for a thief to gain entrance to their mark's house, but it's a nice way to turn the dial up on sexual tension... case and point, Catwoman and Spark! But bikinis and speedos be damned, it's time to go to work. The duo are looking for a set of five ancient knives, but alas, there are only four. No time to think, as security bursts in, leaving the duo to pick up what they can and bail. Catwoman makes note of liking Spark (cuz he's totes hawt) since he can keep up, and because, what's the fun in riding a roller coaster by yourself?

Plot twist! Lee Garbett drawing B&R #9

Former Batgirl artist (last volume) Lee Garbett just confirmed via Twitter that he will be illustrating Batman and Robin #9 (The "Night of the Owls" issue.) That certainly just came out of no where, but, he is a great artist, so, cool!

(Source: Lee Garbett's Twitter)

Tynion talks Batman back ups

In case you've been living under a rock, today is the day the "Night of the Owls" begins, and is also the day Batman starts it's back ups with Rafael Albequrque on art. But did you also know the guy co-writing that feature is a dude named James Tynion IV, is a former student of Scott Snyder and just gave an interview with iFanboy? Because that totally happened. It's a nice read going into today's issue.

(Source: iFanboy)

Batman #9 back up art

Drawn by the talented Rafael Albuquerque. Hit the source to read a little blurb from back up co-writer James Tynion IV.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Greg Capullo talks to IGN

IGN posted a new interview with Batman artist Greg Capullo, where he talks about some behind the scenes stuff, "Night of the Owls," whats to come in the issues after the event, and the next arc that'll feature "one of everyone's favorite rogues." Hmmm...

(Source: IGN)

Gotham Spoilers turns 2!

"Night of the Owls?" Psh, old news, IT'S GOTHAM SPOILERS' BIRTHDAY UP IN HERE! That's right, as of this week, Gotham Spoilers has turned two! I don't remember the exact day I started, but I do remember that it was the third week in April, that's for sure. I've been at this for two years now, shit. Time flies. I wonder how many total issues I have written up... I may actually count that up later.

REGARDLESS! Man, it's been an awesome two years. Love doing this site. It gives me hope for internet comic fandom, that there's someplace that isn't just completely inherently negative about every god damn thing. Yes, I know that's a tad bit narcissistic since you know, I'm the one making it that way, but whatever, better than it being a blog run by some insatiable fanboy.

Anyways, thanks to all the readers, it's only because of you that I keep doing this... well that and I have the free time... but still, if I was only getting say 43 hits a week, rather than the thousands I get, I would have dropped this like a... well, picture any pissy fanboy dropping a book for some ridiculous miniscule reason, like that!

FYI: Batman/Nightwing reading order

Forgot to make a post about this last night, but whatever, had a day to spare. Anyways, if you read both Batman and Nightwing, tomorrow, you're going to want to read Batman #8 first, as noted on twitter by both Kyle Higgins and Scott Snyder. Makes sense if you read the previews, where near the end of Batman #8 (in the back up) Alfred discovers the Talons' plan, while in Nightwing #8's preview we see Alfred sending out a distress call.

Anyways, my write up order will be unchanged (Batman last) but, I will have a note at the beginning of the Nightwing #8 write up reminding readers of this fact, and will post them at the same time (you won't have to wait long.)

Batman #8 double page spread

Yeah... this looks good.

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