Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SPOILERS: Red Hood and the Outlaws #7

Pulling the ol' "drug a bad guy out of his mind and drop him off at Arkham trick" Jason leaves the monstrous Crux in the "capable" hands of the Arkham staff, as he gets back to a alien ship that he, Kori and Roy have claimed from the xenophobic crazy dude. The plan is to go back to Crux's hide out and loot the place of any possible tech he has lying around. Roy plays with the ship a bit and finds out you can do a voice search for any frequency in the airs. Roy says "Batman Africa" and picks up a transmission between Batman and Batwing, but Jason tells him to turn it off almost instantly.

As Jason goes into a big inner monologue about once being able to use such a tool to make Batman's life shit, he's got bigger fish to fry, like being set up to walk right back into the middle of the feud between the All Caste and the Untitled.

Smoke begins to fill the cabin of the cockpit, as Essence, the girl from issue #1, reveals herself to Jason once again, and only Jason as the other two can't see her. She thanks him for killing the member of the Untitled, as she gets a little comfy with Jason. Turns out those two... back in the day...

Yep. So that's why Jason says sorry, as he attacks her with the All Blade. Jason sites Essence's past All Caste betrayals, and convenient timing as evidence of being set up, but Essence tries to claim innocence. This is where Roy and Kori begin to notice the girl who randomly showed up in their ship, and the situation gets a little tense when Essence decides to fight back, pinning Jason against the wall, doing the "if only you knew the truth!" sort of explanation.

Turns out the Untitled are old... real old, cave man old. This clan of people found the waters of absolute evil, which they drank from to gain ultimate power. Only one defied them, Ducra, who was the sister of the clan leader. Essence knows all this, because she reveals that she is Ducra's daughter, and was actually there that day.

Kori blasts Essence, saying that she would normally feel bad, but given the hostile circumstances, nah man, you get blasted. Doesn't seem to do much, as Essence mentions Kori's flames being "nothing to one who was once imprisoned in the black heart of Trigon." Essence fights back, as Jason warns both of them how powerful she is, firing bullets at her, which do nothing.

As Roy and Kori do their best to distract Essence, Jason comes up with a plan. No human weapon can harm essence, so he goes rummaging through Crux's shit to find something he can maybe use. He finds a gun looking thing, points it at Essence, and she's transported elsewhere, just like that.

As the three of them brush the dust off, Roy makes a joke saying that sometimes he thinks Kori and himself are the only two normal people Jason knows. Jason actually takes some of it to heart, and actually decides to call the plane stewardess who gave him her number a few issues back. But once she picks up the phone, he hangs up, figuring there is no reason to screw up someone else's life.

Back in Gotham, the ever so heavy Suzie Su wakes up from a coma, claiming to wreak havoc on Gotham until she gets the Red Hood.


Another good issue from Red Hood. Writing was fun, art was gorgeous. Can't say that enough. Raises a lot of questions about Essence and her motivation which I assume will be answered later in her "back up."  We just never really got a "why" as to her actions against the All Caste, but oh well. This book remains entertaining month in and month out. Looking forward to seeing just what Suzie Su can do next month, oh, and Tim Drake!


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