Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SPOILERS: Nightwing #7

The circus is on fire, and Sakio, aka Dick Grayson's once thought to be dead circus friend Raymond, has locked the doors, creating a mass chaos, that will surely kill everyone... unless Nightwing does what he does, you know... saving people.

Dick and Raymond fight on top of the massive scoreboard in the center of the arena, as Raymond rants on about it being Dick's fault. Dick doesn't know what the hell Raymond is talking about, as he gets slashed by Raymond's claws.

Raymond takes the time to clear some things up. He never died in a car accident years ago, shortly after Dick left the circus, the accident was staged, so Mr. Haly could give Raymond to "them." A mysterious group, or COURT, if you will, who likes to use birds, specifically OWLS, as their symbol. Raymond was tortured, and broken, so he could be trained to become a fierce killer, but in the end, he was deemed unfit, and left to die alone in the woods, where birds would peck out his eyes.

In a classic Dick Grayson, "shut up with your backstory" move, Dick throws Raymond to the edge of the scoreboard, as he comes up with a plan to put out the chemical fire. Unable to use water, he needs to put out the fire with dirt/sand. Knowing that the arena is built on top of Gotham's old catacombs, he decides to cut the scoreboard, so it will crash through the ground, bringing up enough dust to put out the flames.

As the two plummet down to the ground, Bryan Haly and Raya look on in horror, not knowing that Raymond's plans would be so drastic and gruesome.

Down in the pit, Raymond taunts Dick more, revealing that Raya had been in on it all along, but above them, witnessing the chaos, Raya makes the right decision to unlock the doors, allowing everyone to escape.

Dick uses the distraction to get a big hit on Raymond, telling them he's tired of the bitching that this is all because he left Haly's. Raymond tells Dick it's true, it was Dick's name in the selection book, and because Dick wasn't there, they took him instead. Then in the classic, both jump at each other, bad guy falls down a pit, but the hero uses the grapple to save him, Dick tries to pull Raymond up, only to see him say "No, you don't get to save me" as he cuts the line, falling to his apparent death.

Dick manages to get out of costume, and exit the arena. He answers all the polices questions, and sees Raya, who confessed to the police, but remains silent as she passes Dick.

Later, Dick enters the bat cave and...


As Dick leaves, he looks at the list of names, knowing that he's the difference, he's the one who didn't fall victim to it. Alfred approaches him with some photos sent over from Gordon, a double homicide with some of Dick's escrima sticks left at the scene. Knowing the drama never ends, Dick simply says "of course it does," as he speeds off.


Man, this issue is what made everything worth it. Big revelations, great character moments, and great pay off, the future of this book is bright... well, maybe not for Dick, but for us, definitely. This was by far the best issue of the series, and I can't wait for more.

There were only two minor, and I mean minor in comparison to the whole, issues I had. 1. Fill in art was a bit... wonky, that's the only word I can come up with... but whatever. 2. I would have liked a little more resolution with Raya, but, unlike I predicted, she's still alive, so there's always a possibility for that.


PS... Those "errors" you may want to check out the Batman spoilers.

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