Wednesday, March 7, 2012

SPOILERS: Huntress #6

So, Ibn... the Chairman's son, he's not too happy about Huntress killing his father, so unhappy, that he's put a €1,000,000,000 bounty on her head, as her out of mask identity (at least physically) has been ID'd by security photos.

So, when Helena is driving through the back roads of Italy, and gets stopped at a police blockade, it doesn't take long for her to bail, steal some dude's boat, talk to her paper contact to get rundown of what's going on, and say goodbye.

So, with this bounty on her head, she decides to confront Ibn, by sneaking up to his mansion during the night. Doesn't that sound familiar? Seems like it's happened before.

She breaks in, and waits in his room while he sleeps, until the next morning where he wakes up scared shitless. With an arrow pointed at him, Ibn begs for his life, while Helena listens to his offer. Ibn offers to set the women of his country free, and to remove the bounty on her head. Helena agrees, saying that if he puts one more girl into the sex trafficking business, she'll come back. But about the bounty, she says keep it, double or nothing. If it's not filled within a year, donate two billion euros to a women's abuse charity. And away she goes!

Cut to: Helena is trying to fly out of Italy, but you know, since she's still got a bounty on her head, when she tries to go through security, they say "hey, wait a minute" and off she goes running again, until she meets up with a particularly blonde friend. Kara Starr! Aka Power Girl... who flies her away a short distance, saying they're going to Tokyo to visit something called a "quantum tunnel."


Ugh. Again... just so boring. Huntress runs, gets away, sneaks in at night, confronts someone, runs away again. It's happened EVERY ISSUE. I was hoping this issue at least it would have a satisfying conclusion, but combined with the fact that we already knew Huntress was Helena Wayne, and we knew Worlds' Finest was on the horizon, the final page was just nothing. I mean, this with the last three issue, was just boring, I can't stress that enough. I don't know what else to say. Boring, formulaic, just treading water, what else can I say.

I'm going to pick up Worlds' Finest, at least to start, but I'm quite honestly worried about it. If the meat of that series is just continuing "Huntress has a bounty... Trying to get back to Earth 2... uuuhhh yeah?" I'll drop it quick. But I honestly feel like if this mini series is any indication, that's what's going to happen, just stretched out longer, while nothing actually happens.

Marcus To's art was still great though. That's really the only thing I've liked about this series, as I've said before.



  1. someone who hasn't read the series, did any of the Helena Bertinelli stories happen? Does she still exist? Was Helena Wayne pretending to be her in, say, the No Man's Land storyline? Or is my Huntress gone for good?

    1. All we know is that Helena Wayne has used "Bertinelli" as an alias.