Wednesday, March 7, 2012

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #7

Jill Chase... Hampton... whatever, is non too happy that her accomplice, Snakeskin, took the initiative to attempt to murder her sister, Charlotte Rivers, aka Bruce's girlfriend, I guess. But in a "ah, baby, don't be like that" sort of way, Snakeskin gets Jill to calm down, saying they still have work to do, and they make out or something...

Meanwhile, Bruce and a bleeding out Charlotte are stuck in a giant ice crusher, until he gets Alfred to crash the bat sub into the bottom of the casino, giving them an exit. They put Charlotte on ice to get her to go hyperthermic to slow the bleeding, meanwhile Bruce goes back into the casino.

Jill gives Snakeskin his special plastic gun which he'd be able to sneak in, so he can kill Penguin, meanwhile elsewhere in the Casino a bomb threat is called in, leading the place to be evacuated. The random criminals Penguin met with back in the last issue don't get invited to his safe house, as Penguin only promised protection for their money, leaving them none too pleased.

When Bruce is going in to the casino, Alfred informs him that he got hits on Jill, as she's not only a master in martial arts, she's been involved with various crime sprees all over the world. So Bruce literally has a page where he explains that it was Jill who he chased two issues ago, who dropped the casino chip with Snakeskin's prints on, and who jacked the C4. Well, alright.

Jill is at the safes, with some implants in her hands that allow her to open them, meanwhile Snakeskin tries to rush Penguin to shoot him, but the gun blows up in his face, as it had been sabotaged by Jill. Penguin plays it off like one of his associates attempted to assassinate him, but the spectacle is too much for his crime buddies, as they declare they're backing out, and go to get their money.

In the safes, Batman finds Jill... they fight, Jill starts randomly rambling on about how she's not going to be anyone's victim... for some reason, saying no one will ever hurt her again, finished up by Bruce with "like your father, Mayor Hady!?"

Wait, what?

Turns out she's Mayor Hady's daughter... which would mean so would Charlotte, I guess? They were twins, separated at birth... I guess.

The rest of the new thugs that backed out of Penguin's deal show up, telling Batman to leave so they can deal with Jill. But he tells them they're stupid for walking into a death trap, as he kicks all their asses out, just when Jill sets off the C4.

Then Jill meets with Penguin. Turns out this whole thing was an elaborate plan to stage an assassination, kill the new guys, steal their money and get Mayor Hady reelected again. Yeah, I don't know. But for some reason, Penguin back stabs Jill, saying he'll get Hady reelected, but is going to have his thug Lark kill her... I don't know, Batman comes in and stops everything, alright?

Then with Jill in her cell, she meets with, the ugly dude from issue #5 who says he's gotten her a good lawyer, despite her leaving him out in the middle of no where. Lawyer walks in, turns out to be Snakeskin, who says "Penguin says hello" while bringing out a knife...


You might be able to tell... I didn't like this issue.

Okay, lets get something out of the way first. A long criticism of Tony Daniel's writing has been he uses WAY too many "now this person has an evil relative, or child!" sort of plot lines. I never really bought into it given people would bring up "Enigma" even though Geoff Johns was the writer who created her, Daniel just drew it. But then Eli Strange appears for some reason... alright. Now Jill and Charlotte are kids of the corrupt Mayor? What, why? And it just comes out of no where, Batman just blurts it out.

That was the real problem with this issue, things just happen for god knows what reason at all. There's no logic to what's happening, no lead up, they just happen. Take for example Daniel's first story, where we found out Black Mask was Jeremiah Arkham. Prior to the reveal, there was an issue where Arkham mentioned carrying around a revolver with rubber bullets. Dick later gets shot by Black Mask by a revolver, pulls out the slugs to find rubber bullets. Now, it's not the most clever hint, but it was a hint none the least, and you could trace those clues to figure out the ID prior the the last issue. Here... shit just happens.

I mean... I'm not a Tony Daniel hater, I've liked some of this stories, but this was just a mess. I was originally going to give this book a 2/5, but actually typing up the summary made me think twice and do this:



  1. I am right there with you, FHIZ. This book absolutely sucked this week. In my opinion, it's been getting less and less interesting with each new issue that comes out. It's supposed to be one of the main Bat family books, but I am seriously considering dropping it. Daniel is a hit-or-miss with his writing, and in this case, I think he needs to stick to the art and have somebody else do the writing on this book. The first issue was awesome, and everything since then has been awful, especially by comparison.

  2. Agree with GS's review and everything Lethal Intent said above, with the exception that I don't think issue #1 was "awesome," but merely "good." Every issue thereafter has declined in quality; I feel like it's been a perfectly linear trend. I'm not a TSD hater either; I love his art, and I don't dislike his writing, perse. I do however think that he's a "middling" writer at best; he's serviceable, but by no means should he be writing 'Tec, especially for a relaunched issue #1 onward. I've like some of his work; I'd rate "Life After Death" as above average. Battle for the Cowl was awful, and much of his other work is decent, but forgettable. Anyway, long story short, I've finally reached my breaking point with this issue. I'm dropping it from my pull until I get any indication the quality on the title is going to improve. It makes me sad since I really enjoy the art, but I just can't waste $3 a month on this. I'll pick up the Owls crossover for completeness, but won't be reading thereafter for quite some time.