Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SPOILERS: Catwoman #7

So, there's this rich Greek guy, right? Driving with two pretty ladies, making all sorts of sex puns, as they pull into a garage, taking off their clothes as they get out of the car. But what's this? Catwoman is stealing said car?! Surely she didn't pay some prostates to distract the rich guy in an unprotected garage so she could steal the car! Oh wait, she did. All the while, a man with glowing eyes watches as he figures that he has some new car theft competition.

Selina gets back to her old friend, now fence, Gwen, as she reports in on the job. Gwen heard from the client that Selina was an hour late, and warns her about being reckless, after all she did just come to her crying about taking too many risks, so that's got to stop... also, sex with caped crusaders needs to stop too... just saying. Selina tells "mom" to back off, informing her new partner that she heard over the police wire that there was a shooting near the drop off point and wanted to lay low until the cops left, so she was actually being safe. Gwen apologizes for the judgement, but Selina brushes it off as if it was nothing.

Meanwhile, in the GCPD, Winston is still telling Detective Alvarez to stay away from Catwoman, what else is new?

Elsewhere in Gotham, two prostitutes are about to call it a night, but then a shady van drives up, asking for the girl (I think the other one is a feminine dude, can't tell) telling her to get into the back... Well, this is one smart prostitute, as she knows the back of some dark sketchy van probably isn't going to end well, and declines the offer. But the shadowy driver shoots both with a hypodermic needle that knocks them both out, and throws them in the back.

Meanwhile, Selina has another car job set up with Gwen and a client, but things go bad when it turns out it's a sting operation on behalf of the ever defiant Detective Alvarez. But shadowy figure with glowing eyes dude from before shows up, shocks the hell out of everyone, gets on Selina's motorcycle, and tells her to get on. Seeing no other way out, she agrees.

As they drive off, the man driving the motorcycle introduces himself as Spark, and proposes that they go into the car theft business together.


Pretty good issue. It was obviously a "this is the start of a new arc" issue. Catch up with some old(ish) characters, meet a new one, tease something (the van scene, I think is Dollhouse coming in issue #10) and so on. Nothing spectacular, but the humor was there, the action was there, and I enjoyed it.

Adriana Melo jumped in an issue early (originally only solicited for #8) to give March a little bit more time off. I have to say, her stuff here I liked. It fit March's style well, and Tomeu Morey's coloring helped. A lot better than Melo's Birds of Prey fill in from a while back.



  1. I like Guillem March's art, but I really enjoyed Adriana Melo's more traditional style this issue.

    Good issue all around, especially the Selina/Gwen interaction. Their relationship is very different from the sisterly relationship between Selina and Holly in the previous series.

    I just hope Spark isn't the mysterious prostitute kidnapper. And if it's Alvarez, then they really are ripping off the Moreland McShane story from the 90s series!

    1. I can almost guarantee you that the prostitute kidnapper is Dollhouse, the person we see on cover of 10