Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SPOILERS: Birds of Prey #7

The Birds face their most deadly enemy! A group of mind controlled white collar workers! No but really, things look bad, as a mob of people attack Black Canary, Katana and Poison Ivy. Dinah tells the others to show some restraint, but Ivy scoffs at that, breaking one of the workers' neck. Dinah gets pissed, kicking Ivy in the face, which leads her to retaliate, turning on Dinah for a bit. Things start to get too crazy, so Dinah uses her Canary Cry to shut everyone up.

Meanwhile, in the basement, Starling and Batgirl detect a transmission coming from Dr. Cahill's iPad generic tablet. Ev points her gun at him, saying "Hello, Choke." Cahill puts his hands up, saying he's caught, but begins to utter a phrase, as he tells Ev to "shoot Batgirl in the face." Ev points her gun at Babs and fires, but Babs manages to dodge it, only getting grazed on the shoulder.

Babs knocks Ev out, and radios Dinah, who knocked everyone out on her end too, as they go after Cahill, who Dinah apparently suspected was Choke all along. The two catch up with him, cornering him in an alley, as he tries to say that he did it all for Dinah, but a batarang to the head stops him from saying anything else. Dinah explains that she had her suspicions about Trevor, as he knew a little too much about the particular drug, and was really eager to help, so basically she was keeping her enemies close. Babs warns her that he's done something to Ev, and they can't trust her because she's been compromised. Dinah tells Babs that she's crazy, and that Ev is the only one she can trust. Babs reminds her old friend that Ev tried to shoot her in the face, and thanks her for the "only one I can trust" compliment, sarcastically, as she grapples away.

Cahill wakes up in an old aqueduct with Dinah, Ev, Katana and Ivy around him, proclaiming it's good to see "his" team. Dinah tells him that he's going to tell them everything. "Or what?" Cahill asks "are you going to murder me, just like you murdered your husband?" Something that takes Katana and Ev by surprise.

Dinah tries again to get Cahill to speak, but Ivy pushes her aside, attempting to use her mind reading thing, but as she does so, Cahill initiates a trigger that causes Ivy's body to start to reject her plant DNA, then he takes control of Ev once again, trying to get her to shoot Katana. Dinah tackles Ev, as Katana dodges the bullet, which Dinah was expecting, she's just protecting Ev from Katana's impulse to defend herself. Instead, Katana takes the initiative to end the craziness... by cutting of Cahill's head.


Dinah freaks out at this, saying they need him, but Katana tells her that... you know, her dead husband will take care of the interrogation. Dinah drops all politeness, and asks "what if" Katana's dead husband isn't "in" the sword. Katana finishes the thought with another "what if I'm delusional?" Katana tells Dinah that she thought she was different, and believed her.

As Katana leaves, Ivy looks up saying "I'm soooo quitting this team." Ev wakes up to the shock that Cahill's missing his head, as Dinah tells her what happened, asking "what happened to us?" Ev asks what she's talking about, after all, she didn't try and kill anyone, but Dinah tries to remind her that she did. Not remembering anything, Ev proclaims that she's fine, and takes a bit offense to Dinah, calling her the killer, and leaves.

Later, Dinah heads to Cahill's old apartment and begins to tear it apart, looking for anything. Babs shows up, which leads Dinah to break down as she apologizes. The two hug, as Babs tells Dinah not to worry about it. Dinah then gets a call from Katana who has some bad news, apparently her husband has told her that Trevor Cahill wasn't actually Choke.


Whoa, big crazy issue. Finally started getting some answers, and just when you think all is said and done, the bad guy is caught, whatever, things get even CRAZIER. I literally shouted "OH, SHIT" when I turned the page to see Katana's solution to Cahill. Then just more twists come! Gah. So good.

Also, I've said it at least three times, Jesus Saiz is going to be VERY missed on this title. I'm sure Foreman will do a great job, but Jesus is just killing it right now.


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