Wednesday, March 14, 2012

SPOILERS: Batwoman #7

Keeping with the current format of the book, in the here and now, Kate is in Medusa's underground lair, beating the crap out of the Hook. She promised revenge for Bette, and she's certainly getting it. She rips the Hook off his arm, but something strange happens. The hook keeps talking, meanwhile his body turns back into a normal looking dude (minus a hand.) The guy's name is Rush, who cries, saying that Batwoman told him that she'd protect him. It is here where Falchion, the leader of Medusa, makes an appearance, with a chain gang of children in tow, and Weeping Woman, Bloody Mary, and a mutated Killer Croc behind him.

Three weeks ago: Jacob Kane continues to visit Bette in the hospital, lamenting to her about his daughters Kate and Beth, and how even though they were twins, they were vastly different.

Two weeks ago: Kate is on a date with Maggie at an expensive sushi place, when she notices someone watching her from outside. It's Abbott, of the Religion of Crime. Kate tells him to screw off, but wounded, Abbott warns her of Medusa, while asking for help. But all Kate can do is tell Abbott and the Religion of Crime to stay away from her.

Two months ago: With Killer Croc with him, the "wizard" Maro, brings three girls to a mirror, as he summons Bloody Mary. As an offer from Medusa, Maro gives her the three girls.

One week ago: A mutated Killer Croc, along with Medusa troops fight with the Religion of Crime as Maggie and the GCPD come and break it up. Maggie manages to capture one person, a young woman by the name of Sune, and brings her in for questioning.

Elsewhere, Chase is going over all of Batwoman's new gear, as Kate is still hesitant working for the DEO, but all it takes is Chase once again threatening to put her father in jail for life, and Kate is back in line. Kate is wondering what she needs all the tech for, so Chase gives her the assignment to "liberate" Sune, right from under Maggie and the GCPD's noses.

Back to the present, with Falchion's forces ready to fight, Batwoman makes her stand against Killer Croc, Bloody Mary and the Weeping Woman.


Man, this is a tough arc to judge. I like the story going on, but man, I really don't like the time jumping format. I said it last time, it's risky, and it's admirable for attempting something like that, but at the end of the day, for me personally, I'd just like a linear story. It's just frustrating at times, because we're getting scenes that would be in issue #11, here in issues #6 and #7. I know what the end set piece is, but I don't know how we get to it. It's just weird. And the thing is, they can't go back to normal... they've got to stick this format out.

In other news, I do really like Amy Reeder's art. Sucks she only has one issue left now, but it's really nice looking, regardless of anything that happened behind the scenes.

I have a feeling my thoughts are going to be the same for the rest of this arc. Plot is nice, but I just don't dig the format.


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  1. i don't dig the "just 2 pages of real action"... when is the big fight coming up!?