Wednesday, March 7, 2012

SPOILERS: Batwing #7

The Kingdom revealed, in all it's glory! Back in the day, these African heroes fought a war that would eventually lead to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It was somewhat of a complicated war fought on three fronts. You had the dictator Okura's army, a handful of militant warlords and their own personal armies, and the revolutionaries, fighting for a free country. Then of course, you had the Kingdom, who attempted to help the people's army. They lead the people's army to near victory, bowing out before the final battle, so they would not claim the victory, instead the people would... but that's when things went wrong.

This is all explained to Batwing by the man once known as Steelback, of the Kingdom. The two of them are in the Bat plane, while they fly to Gotham in search of Massacre who is seeking to kill Razorwire and the Staff, two former members of the Kingdom who came to Gotham working for AIDs relief benefits.

In Gotham, Alfred remains in the bat cave looking up info, Batgirl checks the two men's credit and phone transcripts to find nothing, meanwhile Nightwing and Robin investigate their homes. Dick asks Bruce if they know what the motive to kill these two would be, as it could help, but Steelback is just getting to that.

He tells David what happened that lead the Kingdom to commit an "atrocity." Before the final battle was held, the Kingdom were beaten, tired and weakened, but hear some bad news... Okura offered the warlords their own provinces and self rule if they helped him to beat the people's army. The Kingdom are too tired, weak and far away to try and stop a massacre, but Okura had contacted the Kingdom about something which Earth Strike claims as him offering a "deal."

In exchange for being let go with out consequence, Okura, who was still unsure if his army with the warlords would still be able to win, would withdraw his army, which would surely let the people's army easily take over the country, by doing so, massacring nearly 50,000 enemies in the final days of the war. Many members of the Kingdom are shocked at what has happened. They can't believe that Earth Strike and Thunder Fall would let a war criminal like Okura go and not punishing him anyways based on their "honor." The argument is so large, that a rift is created in the group, leading to the disbandment of the Kingdom.

On the ground in Gotham, Babs has found info that Razorwire and Staff had some wear houses in Gotham, which Dick and Damian are already at. They open it to find a battle in progress. Razorwire is already dead, as energy blasts fill the room. Next is staff, being thrown on to the ground in front of them. Bruce, David and Steelback are all seeing this through Dick's optics, and soon see Massacre, along with Steelback's old mech armor, emerging from the smoke and flames.

Seeing his old machine, Steelback tells Batman to get Nightwing and Robin out of there.


So, this was a cool issue. We finally learned what the Kingdom has done, which has been teased since the first issue. Not exactly what I was expecting, but the political debate of it was somewhat of a surprise. I can't wait to see what the finale has in store, because it sure seems like next issue is going to be full of battles.

What was AWESOME about this issue was Batgirl, Nightwing and Robin. While Batgirl could have stood to be used some more, Dick and Damian brought me back to some good times.

If there was one thing that sort of took away from the book, was the fact that Batwing himself didn't really do or say that much in the issue. I mean, given the circumstances of flying, can't really do much, but him and Bruce did have a nice little mentor/mentee moment.

Dustin Nguyen's art is great. If Marcus To wasn't taking over soon, I'd love to see Dustin stay on the book, I miss him in Gotham.


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