Wednesday, March 28, 2012

SPOILERS: Batman - The Dark Knight #7

Batman is... well, not in good shape is one way to put it. Going up against Two Face, Clayface, Deathstroke, Scarecrow, and lord knows how many other rogues, doesn't bode well for a fight against Bane, but he manages to get away from his old foe for a moment to catch his breath. He finds a lab on the island, and inside is Poison Ivy, who Bane used to synthesize some of his new venom. Batman lets her out, and gets a few answers from her, some of which he already knew, but learns nothing new about the White Rabbit. The plan of action now is to get Bane the antidote, but he has to eat it, so good luck with that. All the while, Bane gets closer to finding his prey once again.

Bane makes his way to the lab, spotting Bruce on the deck of the lighthouse. With a single leap, Bane jumps up, and continues to beat the shit out of Bruce, despite weak efforts to stun the brute.

Elsewhere, in Kansas, Superman keeps pushing The Flash to run faster, trying to push him to the breaking point where the toxin will get fazed out of his system like it did to Bruce. Barry pushes himself to the brink, eventually collapsing, but the plan worked, allowing Barry to get up with out the effects of the toxin on his system. Despite Superman's attempts to get Barry to go to the hospital, the speedster runs back towards Gotham to help Bruce.

Bruce is badly beaten, and at Bane's mercy, who plans on breaking more than his back this time. With Bane about to throw Bruce off a cliff, Bruce attempts to reach for the antidote, but ends up dropping it due to his weakness, believing he has failed. But what's this! The Flash! Barry catches the antidote, and with Bane briefly distracted, Bruce hits him in the throat, then throws the antidote into Bane's open mouth.

While Bane chokes and gags on the antidote, Bruce shoulder checks him off the cliff, where Bane lands flat on his back, eventually washed away by the sea. Bruce and Barry look on, knowing that at some point, he'll be back.

Elsewhere, Jaina Hudson listens to messages left for her from Bruce, delaying all their dates. The White Rabbit walks in, asking if he's wise to their plan, to which Jaina says no, as he'll never be able to figure it out, since... GASP! They can be two places at once! Yep, Jaina is the White Rabbit, but they're separate at the same time. Interesting.


Pretty alright issue. Coherent enough, action packed. Liked it. Bruce really got thrown through the wringer on this one. I found it a little odd that it ended on Jaina/White Rabbit, I mean, there was no real conclusion on Bruce's end. There was the climax, but nothing to follow up on. Just a "He'll be back." Eh, whatever. White Rabbit and Jaina was both expected and unexpected. That's the only way I can describe it. The fact that they're the same person, but separate is a nice little twist. I know that Gregg Hurwitz has got his own stuff planned in the future, but I kinda hope White Rabbit isn't lost in that. She's interesting, and again, I can't peg why... who the fuck knows, maybe it is the lingerie, haha.


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