Wednesday, March 14, 2012

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin #7

Things aren't looking good for Damian, as Nobody breaks his bones, so Bruce can hear them over the transmitter. Bruce is speeding to their location, and literally crashes into the boat, missing the two by inches.

Bruce gets out of the vehicle, and MAN is he pissed.

Nobody and Bruce start going at it, and it gets Brutal, real quick. Very personal too, Nobody claims Bruce stole his father from him, while Bruce calls Morgan a insecure child, as they continue to trade blows, stabs, and whatever the hell else you do to hurt someone else.

I really don't have to write that much up, because really, this is a very visual fight, where "brutal" is the only term you can realistically use to describe it.

It all comes to a head, when Bruce tackles Morgan to the ground, and in a rage, lifts him over his head, throwing him into the vat of acid Morgan would use to kill people. Bruce takes off his mask, and with a look of rage, stares down as Nobody remains submerged in the acid. He looks up to see Damian, starring at him. Bruce comes back to his senses, and pulls Morgan out of the acid, chains him up, and tells Damian "let's get the hell out of here."

As Bruce clears the wreckages, telling Damian he'll leave Nobody to the police, Morgan begins to speak to Damian, saying that he'll come back to kill them both. Bruce turns around to see Damian executing the trick Morgan taught him, except this time, it looks as if Damian's fingers have actually penetrated Morgan's skull.

Damian looks up to his father and says, "Forgive me, father, for I have sinned."


What the fuuuuuuck. Okay, I was half expecting Damian to do something here, but then when it happened I thought "nah man, he just paralyzed him." Then you look again, and you realize, you can't see Damian's fingers, as his knuckles are up to Morgan's forehead.


I'll admit though, seeing that Damian had killed Dedalus a few months ago, the similarities in this lessen the edge of this issue's climax.

The rest of the issue though, man it didn't disappoint. Big bad bat ass kicking, just what I expected, and Gleason really shined through on this. Seriously, between this and Batman #6, we've gotten some pretty awesome fights from Bruce in the past month.


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  1. Great review!! I also loved this issue and can't wait to see how Daddy Batman reacts in the next one.