Wednesday, March 14, 2012

SPOILERS: Batgirl #7

Oh, Barbara... in another sticky situation are we? That's what I'd call having your head being held under water by a metahuman in a japanese demon mask calling himself Grotesque. But ever intuitive, Babs manages to grab her grappling hook, and shoot it into Grotesque's face, knocking off his mask. Covering his face, Grotesque seems to be taken back by the fact that Batgirl managed to do such a thing, then disappears, all the while talking to Batgirl, telling her that he's now fascinated with her.

Jump back a few hours, and Babs is making a night time visit to Black Canary, who had originally called it an early night, and was fast asleep. Dinah asks what she can do for Babs, who tells her to suit up, as she needs a sparring partner.

The short of it is, Babs needs to clear her head with everything going on recently including Mirror, Gretel, and her mother. Dinah realizes somethings with her, and taunts her to fight harder. Babs takes the taunts to heart, and get's a few good hits in, but Dinah being Black Canary after all, manages to fight back, and Babs ends up on the ground. Laying on the ground, looking up at someone who just beat her, brings Babs back to a bad place, aka, the position she was after she got shot.

Back in Dinah's apartment, the two are talking this time rather than sparring, as Dinah asks if Jim had heard the news that Babs' mother is back in town. Babs doesn't think he knows yet, BUT SURE ENOUGH, elsewhere at the GCPD, Barbara (confirmed name this time, so it's NOT Thelma, its just Barbara Sr. with red hair, because you know, it's not as if it wasn't confusing enough) shows up, making her first appearance in front of Jim in years. Jim asks her a bunch of questions, mainly why she had to leave. Barbara tells her former husband that she "had to leave... Because of James, Jr. Because of our son." UH-OH!

Back in Dinah's apartment, Babs starts to get depressing, which leads Dinah to smacking her, telling her to basically suck it up, and be thankful that she has her mother in her life at least, and to basically stop crying in general (THANK YOU,) then gives her a mission so she can do something instead of wallow in self pity.

Enter Grotesque, who has a taste for the fancy things in life, and has crashed a party to steal a $500,000 bottle of wine. Enter Batgirl, who beats up some goons, and chases Grotesque into the sewers.

Cut to: Back where we began. Babs is surveying the damage, and trying to see if she recognizes any of Grotesque's thugs from mug shots or whatever. No such luck, until she gets to the last one. She recognizes him alright... as one of the Joker's thugs on the night he shot her.


So that little twist at the end, my literal reaction was thinking of this image:

I can see the dramatic potential in that, and I've got to give Gail some credit, I'm looking forward to how this plays out next issue. I also like what little we saw of Grotesque, it's right up Gail's alley of weird villains, much more so than Mirror or Gretel. I hope we get more soon.

As for the issue itself, it was good, nothing great, but I enjoyed it. A little too much self pity, but thank god for Black Canary slapping some sense into Babs. Hopefully we can get past this stuff when the next full arc starts in #10, as I've grown tired of the "shaking off the rust" Babs we've got since the book began.

Also some James Jr. teases. Some elements in The Black Mirror have obviously been changed with the relaunch, but what can you do?


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  1. ZZZZZz. This title is boring. Gail Simone lost what ever she had. I don't even remember when she was a good writer. It's almost shameful that Batwoman is so good, meanwhile Batgirl is a hot mess.