Saturday, March 24, 2012

Outside of Gotham, March 24th, 2012

So this week outside of Gotham, I've got a few things to talk about, mainly Justice League #7 coming out, but also, there were a few pics from Wonder Con showing off some art from both Earth Two and Worlds' Finest.

Justice League #7 Spoilers/Review

So, first up is Justice League #7. Being a team book full of A listers, it's a bit hard to feature anyone too heavily. Batman was regulated to pausing the team to get info from Cyborg on the threat at hand, along with some amusing banter with Green Lantern. Something I've found issue with this series in terms of Batman is showing just what he means to the team. I was expecting a "White Martians" moment near the end of the first arc, and that didn't really happen.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, in Grant Morrison's first arc of JLA where the team were attacked by White Martians, after most of the team is put out of commission, Batman, the one with no powers, and underestimated by the Martians, just owns shit, turning the tide of the battle. Here though, Batman still really hasn't done anything. But then again, no one really has had any big moments other than Cyborg.

As for the story, it's pretty interesting. There was an author introduced last issue who was saved by the League, but now in the five year gap, something seemed to have happened that made him turn on the League, leading to a biological incident that was the major threat of the issue.

Most of the issue actually focuses in on Steve Trevor, the first man Wonder Woman ever saw. He's now the League's liaison to the Government. He takes no shit, and is enjoyable to read. There's a tension between him and Wonder Woman, as he's apparently already told her that he loves her, and that's a "problem."

One of the problems with this issue was the fact that it just seems disconnected from the DCU, despite it being the flagship title. For instance, Hal's ring, which isn't actually a real Green Lantern ring, as it's a duplicate made by Sinestro. I'm well aware of the discrepancies that are bound to happen between books featuring the same characters, but what's going on in Green Lantern is really important to the character, so it's questionable how Hal is here right now. Also, Batman's line about the JLI where he tells Steve that they suck and need to be shut down, while in the actual JLI book, he's supportive of Booster Gold, encouraging him to do better. It's just odd.

Anyways, over all, I liked it. There was the Shazam back up, but being that it was the introductory back up issue, and I never really read Captain Marvel/Shazam before, I didn't really have an opinion on it.


Earth Two / Worlds' Finest Art

Moving on, next we have some preview art that was shown at Wonder Con. Found these on the forums, they were originally posted on some tumblr, which I can't find, so I can't really link to the source. If you know it, feel free to send it to me, and I'll update. Source goes to: Beaschalantasyoulike Anyways, first up, Earth Two.

There's no doubt that Nicola Scott is a fantastic artist, but I've always been nit picky with the way she draws Batman. It's the cowl really. I never liked the ears on it, both human and bat. Bruce/Dick's ears would always bulge through the side which for some reason just distracted me, and I always thought the bat ears were too slender/centered, and just looked odd. From this shot, I got to say it looks a lot better. Those fucking escrima sticks though... the fact that he's a "Wayne" is throwing me, unless they made Helena the daughter of a Dick Grayson trained Damian.

Next, some of George Perez's work from Worlds' Finest. He'll be drawing the "now" stories, if I understand correctly. George Perez is obviously a legend, but sometimes I feel his stuff that he produces now comes off as a bit dated. But with this fuzzy shot, it actually looks pretty good... now my only big worry is the writing, seeing as I thought Huntress became really, really boring.

Finally it's Kevin Maguire's art from Worlds' Finest. He'll be tackling the flashbacks of Huntress and Power Girl when they were on Earth-2 and when they came to regular Earth. It looks good, but it'll be interesting to see how having two artists plays out on the book.


  1. The pics from Wonder Con of World's Finest & Earth Two are mine. You probably found them on my tumblr: beaschalantasyoulike. There's also some RH & TT news as well as some more info from the panels I went to if you search back thru my Wonder Con posts. Sorry for the fuzziness but that's what you get with cell phone cameras. :)

    1. Cool thanks, I'll credit you after I get done writing this comment. I actually saw them on the CBR forums, but they didn't list the source so, yeah.